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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 9:00 AM

FYI: terrible customer service - Update

EDIT: I received a call in regards to cancelling my service. The person I talked to was incredibly helpful and everything got sorted out. Sometimes it helps to not give up and eventually you may end up talking to the right person!




I just wanted to let people know (especially ones whose promotional pricing is ending soon) about my experience so that they can reconsider using Xfinity. Although there are few other options out there, I would recommend looking elsewhere!


I received a letter in the mail stating that my internet service pricing will increase soon. I tried calling and the only thing they said they could do was keep me at the same price if I lock myself into a 12 month contract and agree to a 66% slower speed. Frustrated, I declined and went to a physical store to see if they could help. They said they had nothing for me.  I was left a phone message asking about how my experience was. Since I didn't answer due to all of the robocalls during this election season, I decided to call back after hearing the message. The callback number I was given ended up being a number not in use by Xfinity! Then I tried using the chat, and was told to keep my expectations low! Seriously, that was a surprise. They then sent me to a site for offers that only applied to new customers, which obviously didn't apply to me. I informed them of that and was that my only option was to take a reduced speed and commit to a year if I wanted to keep the same price. I was then told to submit a cancellation ticket, and those people could help. I have yet to hear anything back. Currently looking for other options. 


Good luck to everyone trying to stay online! Hopefully your experience will be better than mine.



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8 m ago

Hi @bcwest83, 

Thank you for using the Xfinity Forums. I'm sorry for the experience you had initially. I'm happy one of my peers could follow up with you to make things right. We appreciate you for taking the time to speak with that agent. We have an awesome team of Corporate Digital Care agents, on standby and ready if and when you need us here on the forums, Reddit, Facebook or, @ComcastCares on Twitter! Thanks for being a loyal customer. Take care! 

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