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Free line of service promotion....Have to read to believe

So originally I had Xfinity Internet and I decided I wanted to add a mobile line to my account. The lady I spoke to told me about this promotion where you got a free line of service for 24 months with the purchase of internet at 400 Mbps or more. I was already an Internet customer so this sounded fantastic. Little did I realize this would be the beginning of hundreds of hours spent on the phone or on the computer chatting and begging and arguing and crying with hundreds of Agents. Every month since I got the phone I start getting billed. At first I thought no big deal I called in and told him what was going on and that was the first time I was told I was a liar that I was full of it that I didn't know what I was talking about that no such promotion ever existed like that and was either hung up on or just transferred to death or until the department closed. Eventually I will get an agent who is able to find the promotion. And when they do they are all apologetic and assure me that they will fix this and it will never happen again but it always does. Currently I am dealing with my third incident where they've gone so far as to suspend my service. Only this time it is gone on for 2 weeks because I cannot find a single agent who will listen to me or take the time to find the promotion. The last guy I talked to was so ignorant and told me the only way I was getting any help was to take [Edited: "Language"] down to the store with some proof in hand, that was the only way I would ever get any help. I even went to the trouble of tracking down the promotion online and I've offered to send the proof to them but every single one support and management together tell me that they don't have email addresses that there's no way for me to do that I mean I have proof but they still will not help me. If I wasn't so poor and this wasn't such a great deal I would have let it go long ago. At this point it's the principle though. Free line of service [Edited: "Language"]! I spend more time talking to Xfinity than I do any other person in my life. There has been no enjoyment or relaxation in my free line, it has been more effort and more work than any lousy monthly bill ever would be. I can't imagine I'm the only one out there who has dealt with this but since I can't get anybody at the company to listen to me maybe this will do something

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7 months ago

Good evening @user_rcw2l3, and thank you for reaching out on our Community Forums, we are so sorry to hear about the frustrating experience. We'd be happy to take a closer look into concerns. To get started, can you please send us a Direct Message with your first and last name along with the service address on the account including any applicable unit or apartment numbers? To send a "Direct Message" ("Private") message: Click "Sign In" if necessary

  • Click the "Direct Message chat" icon
  • Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon
  • Type "Xfinity Support" in the "To:" line and select "Xfinity Support" from the drop-down list which appears. The "Xfinity Support" graphic replaces the "To:" line
  • Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window
  • Press Enter to send it


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I don't know how to do what you're asking. <EDIT: Removed Personal Information>


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Good evening @user_rcw2l3, and thank you for your reply. We ask that you please do not post Personally Identifiable information publically. Please send us a Direct Message using the Direct Message chat Icon. You may need to sign in first. Please navigate to the sign in option in the upper right hand corner. 


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22 days ago

I have this same issue right now. I was helped at the store and they told me about the same promotion and I started getting billed. I called multiple times and messaged them and requested a refunded. But they keep telling me on the phone that there is no such promotion. I have been getting chatted for over 8months. I am trying to get a refund but the people are unhelpful. Also I cancelled my line and I’m still getting charges but when I asked for them to cancel it again they said it’s already cancelled. I hate this… I still haven’t received my help and full refund. I don’t recommend using Xfinity.

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