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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 7:00 PM

Existing Customer for many years....Internet Only..$81.95 a month

My current plan is Internet 70 Mbps for $81.95.


I am not a rich man, I am one man, fully employed, who only wants the internet/wifi.


I have my own equipment, but paying 70 to 80 to 100 dollars is beyond pricey and unrealistic.


All the offers and deals for lower pricing, are only availabe to new customers.


Can I get a better plan or deal than what I am paying for now?


Thank you.


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6 m ago

You should be able to change your plan by clicking change plan.

Still absurd you have to do it manually, especially when you can get something better without contract for cheaper. It's like a no brainer. 




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6 m ago

Last month Comcast announced that they had lost 732,000 TV customers in 2019. Comcast went on to warn that TV prices are expected to increase in 2020. Not a shock as Comcast has raised TV prices already in 2020 just a few months after announcing the last round of price hikes. For now, Comcast has not said when or by how much prices will increase, but Comcast has confirmed it will happen in 2020.

This all comes as Comcast just raised their price back in December with customers seeing the increase hit their bills in January. Comcast was not alone. DIRECTV, Optimum, Spectrum, and more have all raised their prices over the last few months.

Cord Cutters News has learned from talking to sources inside Comcast that not only is Comcast planning more TV price hikes but is looking at raising the cost of modem rentals. Some reports have said the cost of Comcast’s Xfinity Secure package for Internet with modem, Wi-Fi, and unlimited data will soon cost even more on top of your Internet bill.

Comcast already charges $14 for modem rentals in many markets after the most recent price hike on Comcast Internet customers.

If you have yet to cut the cord this may be the perfect time to do so.

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