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Electric bill tripled after installation

After Comcast equipment was installed on my duplex the electric usage tripled. Went from 1400 kilowatts per month instantly jumped to 3500 kilowatts for the first month after installation. My electricity meter is shared with the neighbor and they are furious about the increase. It's never happened before. So the bill went from $200 to $570. Did something go wrong during installation to cause this? Or is this related to the public hotspot that uses electricity if anyone uses it? I'm on a street with 1000's of college kids so could there be a lot of people whos devices are auto connecting to the public hotspot?

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6 months ago

Hi @user_u25j53 Thank you for reaching out on the Xfintiy Community Forums. The modem would not use that amount of power during an installation or after. Here is a link to give you an idea on the consumption Energy usage of internet equipment. We would recommend talking with your electrical company, a certified electrician or your neighbor for any electrical concerns over usage. Public Hotspots would not have an impact on the electrical usage. 

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1 month ago

My bill did the exact same thing. My last two bills were $140 and $167. Just received the bill for the month of May and it's $309 this is after my internet wires were installed. It's only 2 of us staying in this home and we both work. The AC is set to 74 each day. We haven't done anything different other than got Xfinity connected. They had to run wires to my electric box on the outside. 

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