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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 2:08 AM


Downgrade Internet Service

Hello! I have seen a few helpful posts here where people have been able to downgrade their current service and figured I would post here to see if I could get some help!

I believe I currently have the 800mbps superfast plan, I originally went with this because I got a deal for a lower price my first year, this year has since ended and I would like to downgrade a tier to 400mbps if possible while still keeping my same equipment!

Thanks in advance!

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1 year ago

Hi there! Glad you reached out. I am happy to help, can you please send me a private message with your name and number to get started. 



To send the requested information:


  • Click "Sign In" if necessary

  • Click the "Peer to peer chat" icon or https://forums.xfinity.com/peer-to-peer-chat

  • Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon

  • The "To:" line prompts you to "Type the name of a person". Instead, type "Xfinity Support"

      there. As you are typing a drop-down list appears.

  • Select "Xfinity Support" from that list. An "Xfinity Support" graphic replaces the "To:" line.

  • Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window

  • Press Enter to send it


See https://forums.xfinity.com/conversations/email/cant-create-a-new-email-address/605e52b726aa974d63032d02?commentId=606107ea738c7f46a02b830e for an example.



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1 year ago

Hi! Just messaged! Thank you!

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