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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 6:00 PM

*Does the Loyalty program still exist??

Long time customer of 20+ years.  Every year our "promotion" ends and our bill jumps up.  This year, our bill increased by $25/month.   Last year they told me I was no longer in a contract, so I was a bit suprised that my bill jumped; I had understood that my rate was being fixed then, but it appears it was not.    Does Comcast still work with long-time customers and guarantee rates for loyalty?   This used to be possible, but it seems harder and harder to keep these bills manageable.  We have the most basic services we can have and will need to cancel if we can't get a reduction on our rates.   We need to have reliable internet since under covid our kids are in online school and adults are working remotely.   Can you help?


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7 m ago

I don't think so. I was transferred to the "Customer Solutions" department and I explained how I am now out an extra 3K/month due to child care. They offered me a one time $5 credit. I felt so horrible saying thank you, but I did my best to be cordial. 

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