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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 9:02 PM


Dispute Tech Charge

Who do I speak with about my bill being credited
$100 for a tech charge. I changed apts in my
same complex and moved my services.

(1) I was NEVER informed about a tech charge by
your customer service nor by your tech; I would
have denied it as I did prior too.

(2) The charge is for an installation that DID NOT

occur? Why would I pay for a service that was not
done? The tech DID NOT install a new line in
either of the 2 bedrooms he said had dead

(3) I have been a valued customer for over 3
years and my payments are on time. WHY would I
pay to install cable lines into an APARTMENT...this

is not my property AND AT&T has been after me
for years to dump ComCast and switch to them.
I've always declined because I like ComCast but I
would've switched before paying to install lines
into someone else's property.


INSTALL CALL??? How??? Make it make sense???
The living room worked just fine. At what point
was I to magically deduce that the wall
connectors in the two bedrooms were
fake/false/had nothing in them to request an
install appointment??? Your customer service
OFFERED the tech because of the RDK 033033
code...I DID NOT REQUEST the tech.

TV, cable box and modem was set up in the living
room and I placed a call to have everything
activated. All is well.

Approx a little more than a week later, I hire a
company to hang my tv and shelf in the master

bedroom. The day prior to their arrival, I called
Comcast re connecting the cable box and DVR.
The gentleman said it would be a charge to which
I denied and asked him if I could go to local office
and pick up the connection stuff. His response
was that he was just going to suggest that. I
asked him if I could also pick up a new modem
that I should've gotten March of this year or last
year and he said yes, and would document so the
office would know what to give me.

Went to office, got 3 cords and connectors and
the new modem. Rep cautioned that the 3 cords
might be too long and disrupt service due to slow
signal. Rep on phone had also cautioned the

same so I told her I was aware and would make
the connection as short as possible.

Next morning the company came and hung the
TV and shelf and connected the cable box and
DVR. Upon turning the TV and cable box on, the
error code was RDK 03033. They told me I had to
call Comcast.

Called ComCast and was told they would have to
send out a technician.NEVER said there would
be a charge.

Tech comes and after checking that everything
was connected correctly, he checked the wall
outlet and said there was no signal. I told him

there was an outlet opposite it on the adjoining
wall in the next bedroom. He told me there was no
signal coming from that outlet either.

He went into the living room, I told him everything
was fine in the living room and cut the stuff on so
he could see. He then said he had to check
something outside. He came back in and said

someone had removed the cable lines in the 2
bedrooms and he was going to have to re-run
them. He NEVER said anything about a charge as
I would've denied as I did prior too.

WHY would I pay to install lines into an
APARTMENT…this is not my dwelling; the lesser
option would've been to cancel ComCast due to

inability to have service in my bedrooms and
switch to AT&T.

I stayed in my bedroom. When the tech came to
get me to tell me he was done, he had dismantled
my setup in the living room that was operating
JUST fine, drilled a hole into my apartment and
connected that to the PERFECTLY FINE connection in the living room THEN drilled holes
in all the walls to the back of the apartment and
connected the master bedroom tv to a splitter he
put in the living room???

I told him about being cautioned twice re having
10-12 foot cord and asked him him a 60 foot cord
would deliver seamless service. He responded 

would deliver seamless service. He responded
that the signal strength OUTSIDE was weak and
he was going to notify a team to come boost it
and once that was done, l'd be fine. He said me
having the modem and main box in the living
room was closer to the signal strength outside so
it should remain fine.

I then asked him again why would he do what he
he was going to notify a team to come boost it
and once that was done, l'd be fine. He said me
having the modem and main box in the living
room was closer to the signal strength outside so
it should remain fine.

I then asked him again why would he do what he

did as it didn't seem correct AND I still had no
connection in the 2nd bedroom since he said but
was no line inside the wall plates (he said they
were just there for show). He responded that
when I get a TV for that room, I can call in and a
tech will come and run a line to hook it up.

I need to be credited $100 as (1) I was NEVER
informed of a charge from Customer Service NOR
from the tech; I would have refused as l'd done
prior; (2) WHY would I pay to install a cable lines
in a property that DOES NOT BELONG TO ME
ESPECIALLY when the problem could have been
solved by AT&T; (3) WHY would I pay for work
THAT WAS NOT DONE??? He did not need to run
a new line to the living room as it was JUST FINE
so all he did was run a 60 foot splitter THAT HE
DID NOT ASK MY APPROVAL for as I would've
said no; (4) speaking with 2 reps on the phone
today and getting nowhere (only offered a $15
credit that I declined), I was told that the initial rep
request was for an installation. SHAME ON YOU
STICK.YOUR records show that I called in on
July 2nd (the day I moved) and had services
activated as the cable box needed some tech
support and deactivation THEN a later call the
same day to troubleshoot the remote. The
company that hung the TV did not think to check
what was or was not coming out of the cable
connector on the wall NOR would they have as
that is not in their bailiwick. Likewise, I did not
think to do so nor have any equipment to do so
S000000 how is one to know that there was no
connection inside that wall cable connector
as the issue??? The TV, cable box and modem in
the living room was working ABSOLUTELY fine. I'd
even picked up and installed the new modem and
returned the old modem.since the cable
connector on the living room wall operated just
fine, who would think that the other two cable
connectors wouldn't work??? SHAME ON YOU.

ADDITIONAL…as of last night, I NOW have the error code RDK 03033 ON BOTH TV’s and I HAVE NOT touched what the Tech from July 18th did. Tech support cannot get the service to work so once again, THEY have scheduled a tech for tomorrow and state there will be no charge REGARDLESS to what is found AND they state that the tech from July 18 did escalate an OUTSIDE weak signal issue but no one has been there to address it yet???? WHY, it’s been 3 weeks and whereas my living room was fine before the July 18th tech, NOW I HAVE NO SERVICE ON EITHER TV.

Accepted Solution

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1 year ago

Hello @user_b5d932, thanks for reaching out for help on our forums! I know how frustrating it can be when an unexpected charge shows up on a bill. You've reached the right team of experts, and we can certainly assist with your billing concern. 


In order to get started can you please send us a private message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?




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1 year ago

Done. Could only post partial complaint as full complaint wouldn’t send. Chat says it is #6541542



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Just an FYI from the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services:

  • c. You are solely responsible for Inside Wiring

    Wiring inside the Premises, including additional cable wiring, telephone wiring, and outlets, is “Inside Wiring.” Inside Wiring must not interfere with the Services or the normal operations of our cable network. Upon your request, we can install, repair, or maintain Inside Wiring. If we perform this work, we will charge you for that service. Regardless of who installed it, the Inside Wiring is your property, or the property of whomever owns the Premises. If you do not own the Premises, contact your landlord or building manager about the installation, repair, or maintenance of Inside Wiring. We have no responsibility for the operation, support, maintenance, or repair of Inside Wiring, except as set forth below.

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation.

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This matter has been resolved and closed. AND you misread my post as no wiring was done. Thanks so much for your response!



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1 year ago

Dispute tech charge. Moved recently and set up modem tv and boxes ourselves. When I tried recording shows kept receiving error message. Called support at least four times and they couldn’t resolve issue. They suggested sending tech support out never mentioned $100 charge.  Tech came spent 2 minutes changed a setting on remote and it was fixed. 
I called to dispute charge they told me anytime tech comes to house it’s $100 and stated in contract.  My issue is why couldn’t remote support have solved this simple problem   The issue was with a setting on the remote an Xfinity product. 
Received no satisfaction speaking to supervisors on phone to overturn $100 charge apparently Xfinity is always right and we consumers are always wrong. 

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