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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 10:00 PM

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how convenient 🙄
in my first post I mentioned y'all trying to get money from me for an error YOU made on my bill. Like I said I have paid in full every month since I have been a customer. 15 months, never late or short. YOU make a mistake and have the audacity to be unwilling to work out payment arrangements. It's not like I wanted to drag it out, just split it over two months. I mean it was YOUR mistake. Over 2 hours of being treated rudely and being unwilling to connect me with a supervisor. Monopolies are great I guess if you are the big company but aren't right for consumers with no choices.



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@CCAndrew wrote:
Can’t swear in your posts, it gets removed.

And that includes abbreviations for well known swear words, as well as using characters to bypass the language filters.

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Hi, wag8187, I will be happy to take a closer look at your bill to make sure the charges for your service are accurate. If you can send a private message that includes your name, service address, and account number this will help us locate your account. 

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