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Denied promotional offer

I am writing, as the manager on the account, to express my extreme frustration and dissatisfaction with the way Xfinity Mobile has handled the $500 promotional offer for an iPhone purchase that I signed up for in December. At the time of signing up, there was an additional trade-in offer, which I considered. However, upon learning that the trade-in value for my old phone was only $50, bringing the total offer value to $550, I decided not to proceed with the trade-in. Before making my decision, I specifically checked with your support representative at the Concord office to ensure that I would still be eligible for the $500 promotion without trading in my old phone. The representative confirmed that the $500 promotion should still be applicable.

The promotion value was to be spread over 2 years. Prior to signing up for the offer online, I received incorrect information from your chat agent, and customer service support, which led me to make the purchase based on the assurances given by your representatives. Specifically, your support staff confirmed that the promotion would be applicable for a new line as well as port-in number. Relying on this information, I ordered a new line with that phone number, only to later see the promotion being declined. This misinformation provided by your support team has caused me significant inconvenience and financial harm.

Despite the misinformation provided by your support team, I have been consistently charged for the iPhone and have been made to suffer the consequences of Xfinity's errors. Since December, I have made numerous attempts to resolve this issue through various channels, including chat and phone support. On several occasions, your representatives mentioned that they would make it possible for me to return the device, only to later dishonor the request. In one instance your customer service agent told me that I should be able to return the device and a shipping label would be available within a week only to see no further communication or an update. Only on my follow up call, I came to know that the request was declined without any notification. Additionally, there have been instances where your representatives assured me that the promotion would be honored, only to see it turned down later. These actions have only served to buy more time for Xfinity while making me suffer the consequences of your company's mistakes. These efforts have continued through March, but unfortunately, they have not yielded any satisfactory resolution. One of your supervisors back in February had confirmed the $500 promotion and mentioned my case is approved and that I would be getting refunds of all the payments made so far and I would get a notification on Feb 23rd (ticket number [Edited: "Personal Information"], representative ID [Edited: "Personal Information"] - Ion) but that wasn’t the case as I found it later upon my checking.

I will have no choice but to file a lawsuit with small claims court to seek the compensation I am entitled to. I strongly urge Xfinity to take immediate action to rectify this situation and avoid the need for legal proceedings.

As a loyal customer, I am extremely disappointed and angered by the way this situation has been handled. It is Xfinity's responsibility to honor the commitments made by its representatives, provide accurate information to customers, and address this matter promptly. I hope that you will take this issue seriously and provide a satisfactory resolution within the specified timeframe.

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Good morning @user_50a2dc I apologize for the poor experience. Our team would be happy to look into your billing concern.

Please send us a DM with your full name and address to Xfinity Support.

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I have tried your online chat with xfinity customer service with an extremely poor frustrating experience with chats being randomly transferred in between , agents suddenly leaving in the middle to customer service offering help continuing to chat for several minutes (30+ min ) in many instances only in the end realizing that they need additional support , with the additional support again spending 30 min to realize that it is not their department etc. etc. 

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@XfinityJoe​ Resolution that is positive would be great for the customer that has suffered a lot. 

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