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Debt collector

Just got a message from a debt collector saying I owe Xfinity something but on the app it says I owe nothing and that my payments are up to date.

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17 days ago

Hello, @user_w70gmf how are you? The challenging part about helping in this situation is sometimes messages like this can be spam or unofficial. If you suspect this could be the case we have a dedicated team that you can report this to. We can learn more using the following link. Have you had different Xfinity services at different locations? Sometimes a debt can be related to older accounts, but legitimate collection notices will provide details about that.



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Hey! I don’t have different services, I just have one and it’s my home internet. I don’t know if it’s unofficial but this is the first time something like this happens

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user_w70gmf if this is the only Xfinity account you've ever had, and your service is currently working I would disregard this collection message. For your account to go to collections your account would need to have a past due balance that went unpaid for months. Your services would have stopped working long before that.


If this is legitimate we would need more information to make sure this is official. Was this message a phone call or email? If it's just a random phone call that's vague I would be careful. Typically, you would see a letter or email that gave you tangible information about the debt. Such as an address,  and the reason for the bill.


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