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Sat, Nov 7, 2020 10:00 PM

COVID-19 Relief

I need to make a payment arrangement for my$500.00+ bill... I was told I was being given more data... But I've OCCURRED over $100.00 in overages just THIS MONTH. Then was told I was going to be charged for a lesser rate... So I wouldn't accrue a huge bill... I have a huge bill... I have 5 CHILDREN STILL ON ONLINE LEARNING AND NEED TO BE ABLE TO GO TO SCHOOL... PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS...



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6 m ago

I tried to get help via chat. First I was told he’d check to see if I was eligible for help, then told me I was and started making arrangements with me and then outta nowhere he said someone else told him I wasn’t eligible then he disconnected chat without saying another word smh

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