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Thu, Jun 17, 2021 7:53 PM

Clearing up overdue payment

I had set up auto payment but my bank failed to execute, even though it had been working previously. I'm contacting my bank to find out why they didn't pay and get the payments made.

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Concern moved here for greater exposure to actual Comcast employees.

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Hi there @user_0c65cc I hate to hear that your auto pay failed to get taken out when it should have. I use the auto pay feature myself so I know how alarmed I would be if I saw this, but I would definitely be happy to take a look over the account with you. Please send us a Live Chat with your first and last name as well as your service address so we can assist. 
To send a Live Chat, click the Peer to Peer chat icon at the top right of the page and enter Xfinity Support in the "To" section of the chat.

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