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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 8:00 AM

Charges for things not needed or wanted and a decision whether or not to stay with your company.

I have found myself in the position of finally making some changes that will benefit me.  I have several complaints about what I am being charged without my consent.  It seems to me as if your company has forgotten that we, as subscribers and users have the ultimate decision as to what we pay for and use. Television is not a service needed for everyday life


I have the below additional subscription costs on my bill.  When I wanted them dropped I was informed by one of your representatives that they had to be removed from my box itself and that they could not be removed by your representative.  In trying to stop them I was successful with one (guitar), but the others do not show on my subscription list even though I am being charged for them.   Personally, I am sure they pay you a fee to be able to be subscribed to in your system so it is against your best interests to make it easy to stop them.  These add up to 21.85 a month. For things I do not want.  The only thing I want is the Netflix Premium Upgrade.



Then there are the additional fees and taxes that were assessed on your company and just added straight to my bill.  Like the Broadcast TV fee ( this is cable not broadcast) for $14.95 and the Regional Sports fee for $6.20 a month. (sorry for the Font size changes below but I would havev had to redo a bunch so I left it)


The additional Taxes, fees and other charges of  a Federal Universal Service fund for $ .82 , a Regulatory Cost recovery Fee for $1.50 and an additional Franchise fee for $6.48 ( I consider these three items a cost for your company, not me, and they should not be charged to my bill), they should be handled internally as they are a cost for you.


I uderstand that I am liable for fees charged to restart my service after paying my bill ( I forgot to pay it).  But each individual item is charged the same fee?


To this point I have not used Voice, even though it was given to me for free when I complained about my bill some 5 years back or so, and now I see I am paying for it and the box?


 I myself, am very close to choosing another service that will at least negotiate with me on some of these charges and also willprovide the services I get from you at a much cheaper cost.


I am waiting for your response before I make my final decision.


DOVE CHANNEL 10/11-11/10
HALLMARK MOV 10/14-11/13
Enjoy Uhd On Netflix (netflix Standard (HD) Plan is Included in your Bundle Services)
PROGUITAR 10/22-11/21
Service fees
REGIONAL SPORTS FEE ( I do not need this since I watch sports very rarely and never on the regional sports channels) Yet you are FORCING me to pay for it by adding it to my package without my permission?
Now, I get a message that one of the perks I use that has made a much liked savings for me is going away, specifically Norton Antivirus systems?  As you can see I am pretty much fed up with you.



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7 m ago

Hi there, Hornet742. Thanks for posting here in the community. We appreciate the input and feedback you've provided here and you've come to the right place for getting support and reviewing options. The majority of your questions are specific to your area and your individual account. We can go over your  subscription in order to determine options that may be more fitting for you, based on your needs. To get started, please send me a PM with your first and last name. 


To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMorgan" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.  


We look forward to working with you. 

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