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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 12:00 PM

Charged for rental using my own cable modem

I've called and complained about this last year and I thought it was resolved. My wife usually pays the Xfinity bill, but this month I wanted to see how much I was paying for my internet service. I noticed an Internet Equipment Rental charge, which is correct, but there was another Data Modem charge on the bill. I quickly realized this is what I reported over a year ago. I was billed for the use of my own personal cable modem for the past few years. I can only go back online, until Nov 2018 and this Data Modem charge was on those bills.


"Data Modem $14.00
This Equipment is Inactive, to Avoid Future Charges Please
Return the Equipment to your Nearest Service Center"


I originally discovered this in Aug of 2019 and brought it up, when I started leasing an actual Xfinity cable Modem. They removed the incorrect charge that month but evidenty it was reapplied in Sept 2019 and every month since. 


I called support and after being handed off 4 times, I was able to only get a 4 month credit. I guess I'll have to monitor the bill more closely, but this is highly disappointing. The customer service with Comcast/XFinity is absolutely horrible.  Watch every line item folks. These people are crooks. 


UPDATE 11/14/20

I never recieved the credit, and the same Inactive Equipment charge is back on my next bill. Everytime I call, it seems like they just don't understand when I tell them I'm being charged for my own old equipment. They ask the same question over and over, when did I take it back? I own my old modem, who would I take it back too and why? They really need to work on their comprehension skills. Now I have to wait for someone else to call me back to hopefully remove it. So many people are looking for work, you'd think you could find a quality staff. 




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7 m ago

This happened to me and a bunch of others a decade ago (2010). I ordered the "Owned modem" internet package. Bought a modem at Frys, plugged it in, called up to have it all provisioned. I moved service from one house to another. Then realized that I was being charged for my own modem for the past 2+ years.

Man that was a fight. At first they said its their modem, because there has only been one MAC address on the account and it was never changed. No one was aware of any plan that would allow a customer to use their own modem from the start (because it was from 3 years ago, and I guess every front line person was new). I was told they can only stop charging if I returned the modem, or pay the ~$200 in fees (the modem was $99) . Fortunately, Fry's electronics had my receipt on record with the details. I sent it to them, then was able to get it escalated. I was later informed that there are no records of modems being sent out. Its just up to the person that provisions the account to check the checkbox [Owned] or [Rental]. They only know if its a customer owned modem if you tell that particular person.

In the end, they said they could not refund me the money. They could for the past 3 months, but could give me a discount over 2 years. At least they didnt steal my modem. The thought of them charging me rental for my modem and me having to surrender it to them made me livid.

Good luck. I know the frustration. 

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