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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 11:32 AM


Cannot get adequate help on chat regardless of need for chat due to disability..

I have had Comcast service for a while, enough time to have adequate notes of my need for resolving issues or speaking on my account via chat or email. Obviously email would be way time consuming so I usually opt for chatting. I don't opt for this route for fun as it takes as much time as a call would or maybe even longer since its less direct. Often I'm left routed then routed again to the correct person. Originally I did like it for the sake of the ability of the representative to pull up recent chats and reflect all that was said from both ends. Recently I cannot get a representative to look at the history. Now I am without needed and agreed to Comcast service due to the inability to speak to someone on chat from the proper department coupled with the representatives guesses to what went wrong in my account making guesses that were not correct. I need help, or maybe i need to pay whats owed and move along and go elsewhere, I am tired. I am currently dealing with a family crisis that hit our home a few months ago hard and still has me in a daze daily. My mother abruptly passed away without life insurance so I dealt with the financial blows that followed. I recall I got onto chat at the end of September to make an arrangement which I did successfully. I have unfortunately had to make arrangements here and there but I have kept them each time. I proceeded to have my mom buried 10/08/21 and the month carried on. While I knew I'd be late and need to make arrangement for future bills and I don't have an excuse for why I did not I simply had it escape my mind. I continued on and the time that followed I used to get by and pay basic bills needed for survival after the blow of the funeral costs. So most recently I snapped after receiving a comcast message saying we were switched to a covid type of internet I hurried online to make a payment arrangement to pay past due and current in about eight days from now. First the message said I could make a installment plan which I tried. My internet like clockwork restarted then and there and when I returned to the website it gave me no option but to pay past due which I cannot currently pay. I reached out for forever for a live rep. and the fellow I talked to confused me more by saying I made a arrangement for 10/25 which I kept and payment was made followed by a arrangement for the same day I failed to keep therefore no current arrangement is possible. I explained we are a disabled home with in home therapy needed via internet that wont be supported by the current free usage though I appreciate it. Without internet we are at risk for losing those services which is a devastating blow that I cannot take. Sure we can go elsewhere as we may have no options, however something like a therapy service in a outside of home setting to subject my child to would be more upsetting if not impossible and would be something I would not go back to services after having to do this. I feel like I should have a bit more support considering I am a customer with history in crisis. Is it a death certificate to show my grief that is needed? I can do that, what does it take to get equal attention as a phone caller from your business because I fail all the time. I hate typing so much but at the same time I am frustrated in need of assistance I cannot find. Help? Maybe?

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@noragallegos505 Thank you for reaching out to the Digital Care Team. I hate to hear this has been your experience and would love to investigate this for you! I truly hate to hear about the passing of your mother and the financial status it put on you. Unfortunately, the death certificate would not help in this circumstance. Comcast treats all customers equal no matter their status or ability level. I am more than happy to dig through the account history/notes, so we can go over the necessary information. 


Please send us a PM with your first and last name, as well as house numbers to your service address. To send us a Private Chat Message, select the message icon in the top right corner and then search for Xfinity support. With our new Xfinity support chat, you do not need to input the name of a person. Just select Xfinity support and you will be able to speak with the next available specialist.

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