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Canceled service but continue to be billed and account is still active

I canceled my service on 08/18/23 and I have continued to be billed and now it is up to $336. I have contacted multiple people (5 total) over the past week to get this fixed and they keep ensuring me it will be taken care of… it has not. I have confirmation numbers, case numbers and employee IDs. I want this problem fixed ASAP!!! I will not waste anymore time trying to deal with this company I want this to be done. I want my account cancelled and my bill to be credited to $0 where it should be from when I originally canceled service.

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8 months ago

We will be happy to take a look into this issue! Please send a direct message with your name and address. Thank you. 


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• Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window

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8 months ago

Thank you! I will be happy to help you. I will need to send you a quick verification code to the email or number on file. This code will expire 15 minutes after being sent, may I please send it now? 

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Yes you can send it to me

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