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Sat, Nov 7, 2020 9:00 PM

Cable, internet & mobile billing issues due to Covid

I’ve been furloughed since April, I get a small amount of unemployment every 2 weeks. my husband just started working but only gets paid every 2 weeks as well. We’ve maintained our bills pretty well until recently due to him being sick. The representative on chat said I qualified for a repayment plan, for my mobile account, asked me how I wanted it broke up and if I wanted to make monthly or weekly payments so I answered his questions, and I was SO RELIEVED we wouldn’t lose mobile service that my husband needs for work, THEN he says “oh my advance person says you’re not eligible now” and then he disconnected chat without saying anything else. I’m so upset. My cable and internet service is about to be disconnected, and I have kids who need internet for school because they do Virtual learning at home. We’ve never had an issue paying our cable, internet and Xfinity mobile bills until Covid happened and I was furloughed. And I can’t even get any type of help or arrangements or anything and we’re in the midst of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! I am not happy with Xfinity costumer service at all


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