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Wed, Jul 15, 2020 10:00 AM

Broadcast Fee

Asking Comcast why  increased the Broadcast Fee 40% from 2019 to 2020. After requesting a full accounting of the Broadcast Fee.


Comcast Answer:

I am unable to provide you with a list of the fees that each Network charges Comcast as this is proprietary information which would not be disclosed to our customers., Comcast Cable WNE Region.


Comcast uses these fees "to secretly and repeatedly increase the monthly price it charges for its channel packages despite its promise to charge a flat rate. Comcast settles Mass. investigation over cable-TV fees, advertising. (). Cable companies have to pay retransmission consent fees(?) to carry broadcast channels, even though TV viewers could watch the channels for free with an antenna. Comcast owns many of the networks itself (ex.NBC). Comcast in violation of GENERAL STATUTES of CONNECTICUT
Title 16 Chapter 289, Sec. 16-331v. Sec 16-333n Sec. 16-333f. Sec. 16-333l



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10 m ago

If you want to spend a lot of time investigating, contact each broadcast station and/or broadcast network that is included in your Xfinity's tv market area, and


Ask each if they're part of the default FCC  'must carry' designation for carrage over cable companies, or have 'opted out'  of must carry to negotiate retransmission fees.  Any dollar amounts are unimportent,


In 'must carry" , cable company is Required to carry the market area's broadcast station or network, and in exchange the broadcast station or network may not charge retransmission fees.


In 'opting out'  of  'must carry' , a broadcast station or network may then Negotiate retransmission fees,  and carriage is a then a result of sucessful negotiations, but cable company is not required to carry the broadcast station or network if the retransmittion fees demanded are so excessive that negotiations fail.


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