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Why is the billing this high? I want internet why is my bills said TV and internet what that mean? I thought am paying $40 a month explain to me why?

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Hello @user_0g2hxv Thank you for reaching out to us on our Xfinity Forums, for help with you bill. I'm sorry that the bill is not showing the amount expected. You are with the right team for help! I know it can be confusing when you set up an account and an unexpected amount is due. If you are new to Xfinity the unexpected amount may be due to the billing cycle processing the advance portion for the account.

On page 3 of the monthly statement you should see a breakdown of the services ordered. If you recently made a change on your account, like removing TV, you could see an entry there for prorated charges / credits for that service since billing is processed in advance. The top right of any statement page will let you know when the statement was posted and the date range for the service billing within this statement. 

Did you recently make any changes that may be impacting the expected statement amount?

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