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billing is weird

I received an email from Xfinity saying that my payment was declined by my bank. The reason it was declined is because you have an outdated credit card on file. HOWEVER, I NEVER pay with a credit card. I pay directly with a bank check from my institution. I have never paid with a credit card--or at last have not done so in recent memory. I received this message today--the bill was due on June 8, which was Saturday--and my bank has already issued a check. According to their records, it is pending.

First of all, are you really saying a bill is late if it is not paid ONE DAY after it was due? And since I do not pay by credit card, why are you trying to pull the money out of my account that way? It seems fairly suspicious and I am inclined to investigate this with the Better Business Bureau. I'm sorry if this sounds alarmist, but it really freaks me out that you are trying to pull money out of my bank account without my permission. (BTW, I will not be updating that card, just to make sure these kinds of shenanigans don't happen in the future.)

Also, I tried to use your customer service log in on the website, and it was pretty much useless.

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Hello user_fo7jyu. If you never used your credit card to pay your bill, please check your online account and see if there are any notifications. There are scams out there that are designed to get customers credit card information. 


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