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Bill questions

Our bill went up significantly in the last six months and again now recently to cross $100. Additionally, we also had two lines activated with xfinity mobile for half a year and we’re supposed to receive a $30 discount on our wifi bill which never got applied. 

Requesting a customer service call to discuss the bill and the missing $30 discount from the last several months x 



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10 months ago

Concern moved here to the Billing help section for greater exposure to Comcast corporate employees (The Digital Care Team) for assistance. 

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10 months ago

@user_5fo5td Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our Xfinity Forums. When you work with us on this platform we do try to keep our communication here and can take care of your concerns via a DM. I can also look into the concern with the additional discount for having Xfinity Mobile. To get started please send us a DM with your full name and address to Xfinity Support.

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