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Wed, Aug 26, 2020 8:00 AM

Automated Payments and what you don't know.

My bill is due on the 22nd of each month. I was enrolled in Automated Payments. My husband is currently on Short term disability and his check was not deposited on the 20th. So I went online to change the payment date to September 3rd. Received my confirmation date OF THE ONE TIME PAYMENT . And still the payment was processed on the due date of Aug 22. I called Sunday, was told "No problem Miss Heidi, we will get that payment reversed " It will take a couple of days. Tuesday afternoon I called, there is no record of my payment date being changed to Sept 3. I HAVE AN EMAIL THAT SAYS OTHERWISE. Well you should have canceled the automated payments first. Your website does not say that. Needless to say I was on the phone for 2 hours. A good portion of that time was spent on hold. So while Comcast/Xfinity takes their sweet time in reversing the charge, our bank account is overdrawn and keeps growing because there is no money to make it right. WHICH WAS THE WHOLE FREAKING POINT OF CHANGING THE DATE. It is not my fault if the system doesn't work like it should. But for the $152 payment it will cost me over $100 in fees. Oh I forgot to mention one guy told me I HAD to call my bank and stop the payment. It costs money I do not have to stop a payment. And why should I incur a cost when it wasn't my mistake?


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