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Mon, Oct 11, 2021 11:23 PM


Approved for EBB but Xfinity hasn't acknowledged it

I applied THROUGH THE XFINITY WEBSITE and yet despite having EBB tell me I am approved (received email on October 8th) Xfinity is giving me no help in discerning whether or not they acknowledge this. Live chat says they can't do live chat about this, and that I can't use social media regarding EBB, and that I have to call. Well, the robot menu has nowhere to choose for "I was approved now what" so after going in a circle for five times I have given up on the phone as well.

I have looked at my account online and see nothing about EBB. How or when do I find out that Xfinity has figured out that I was approved for EBB? Or do I just look at my bill each month and see it is $0.00 with no explanation whatsoever? I don't understand why they can't communicate with me about this.

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@user_032667 This is something you need to take up with Internet Essentials as they are the ones that deal with these issues.


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@Again Thank you. The chat support had given me the wrong number. It was still a gigantic pita to get a live person but I finally got one. She said that they know I was approved but they don't send an email to let me know. I have to look at my bill each month and in a month or two it will show that the EBB was applied to the account. Seems as if Xfinity could send a form letter (or email) to customers who were approved to prevent their reps from having to answer this question over and over again, but what do I know.

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