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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 5:31 AM


Account suspended due to billing issue I look at the billing statement apparently I'm being charged monthly for a supposed rental

I am absolutely livid and fed up I have a suspended account I can't get in touch with any agents until I pay a bill for over $300 and I'm looking at the billing statement and I'm being charged for a rental modem that I never rented I even specifically told this live chat agent that sent it to me multiple times I didn't need one that I already purchased one literally I purchased it so why am I being charged for a rental also I never even knew about the prepaid options I've been trying to get a hold of a live representative but I'm being denied because of this bill well I can't pay the bill I even tried setting up a payment plan and it still got suspended when I was told it wouldn't be as long as I set up the plan this is causing me my jobs and a huge inconvenience I'm sorry but I shouldn't even be getting charged for a box that even the phone Representatives seen in the chats where I said multiple times not to send it to me and yet this check agent sent me the Box anyway causing me to get charged for it monthly this isn't okay I feel like I need to report Xfinity this is wrong of you guys I have been trying to argue with you guys for months about this I was calling you guys every single day for weeks when I first signed up due to poor customer service and you guys constantly getting my bill wrong over and over I need a representative to actually call me and speak to me over the phone not a chat agent but one that can speak clear English no automated Representatives no salesperson but an actual billing agent or customer service agent because this is bull I shouldn't even be getting charged for something that I specifically said I didn't want or need because I already bought a box it's not even listed on my billing that I have one that I own when I do I never applied for a rental if you look into my account deep enough you'll see that and if they can send people out to help collect your stuff to help you move then why can't they send somebody out to pick up the router that I was sent and being charged for causing me to not be able to afford my bill every month causing me to now owe over $300

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9 months ago

Hello, @user_6d1129 we have a dedicated team here that is equipped to help with this billing concern. We can take a closer look at your billing details including the unreturned equipment. We just need to work in a direct message. When you have a moment please use the Direct messaging icon on the top right to send your name and service address to "Xfinity Support." It's next to the bell icon. I promise we will take the right actions to help! 



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If you were hanging on to that modem/router and didn't return it, then you were rightfully being charged because it was in your possession.  You could have taken it to a Comcast store or to UPS for return and then you wouldn't have been charged.

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