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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 10:00 AM

4K Cable Box Addition/Billing

I've tried to replace my current cable boxes with two 4K boxes.  Over three separate phone calls with different CSAs I've been able to deduce the following:


4K programming, albeit very limited, is not a separate charge.  There are two options for a 4K compatible box.  The wireless option requires a Comcast Gateway (incurring a monthly $14 rental fee).  I have my own Mesh wifi setup and do not want to replace it with Comcast harware.  If you elect for the hardwire, you must include the $10/mo 150 Hour DVR option in your plan.  I barely use the 20 hours I have included in my current plan, occasionally recording sporting events I can't watch live.  In Comcast's literature it explicity says Live 4K programming cannot be recorded.  As I see it, I can either pay for an inferior Comcast Gateway, or I can pay for a DVR service which can't record the very programming I'm looking to gain by adding a 4K box.


With all of that said, what I'm looking for is, "Why"?  I understand Comcast reserves the right to charge whatever they want and I as the consumer can either pay up or move on.  Am I missing something or is Comcast just that blatant with their nickel and dime policies?





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6 m ago

Part of it is the way the content is getting to your box and the other would be the content providers have every right not to want it to be able to record. It’s the same for IP channels, it’s the way it’s distributed to the box

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