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Monday, June 26th, 2023 1:03 PM


Expert Week – Who are our Xfinity Forum Experts?

Today we are excited to start “Expert Week” - our weeklong celebration of those unsung heroes of the Xfinity Forum, our Experts.  We'll spend this week sharing who they are, highlighting their accomplishments, and giving you information on how you can join the team.


Who are our Xfinity Experts?


Our Xfinity Forum Experts are a group of 9 customers, independent from Comcast, who are dedicated to finding solutions and to assisting our other customers and the Xfinity Forum as a whole. They have been recognized for their high level of expertise, their willingness to assist, and their ability to interact with others in a helpful and engaging way.


These Experts have spent many years in our community actively engaging with other customers. They volunteer their time just for the pleasure of helping others. Although it is not a requirement, our Experts also spend countless hours in the forum assisting our Official Employees. They go above and beyond for customers and can provide insight into what our customers are experiencing, keep us informed of hot topics, and ensure the community continues to meet the needs of our customers.



Username: Again

Forum Member Since: 2003

Expert Since: 08/2006

What I like helping with: Customer Service



Username: USAF_E-8_RET

Name: Bruce

Forum Member Since: 10/2003

What I like helping with:  Norton/Security

Bio: I was born and raised in West Reading, PA and joined the Air Force 2 weeks after I graduated. - Retired after 23 1/2 Years in the United States Air Force - Retired again after 16 1/2 years with the US Postal Service - Living in Petal, MS for the past 26 years. - My first computer was an Apple IIe (Enhanced). I have never had any formal training in computers. What I know is self taught and I am pleased to say that I am still learning. Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks! I enjoy being able to help others because there was always someone out there on the internet to help me and I feel that if I can give something back, than I am repaying those who helped me!  I am a GURU on the Norton Forums. I also enjoy bowling, watching NASCAR and Air Shows.



Username: EG

Name: Dan

Forum Member Since: 12/2003

What I like helping with: Cable modems and associated equipment and hardware. Routers and general networking equipment.

Bio: Retired tech / engineer on microprocessor based elevator motion control and traffic management systems with integrated networking to admin remote control systems for 35 years.


The love of my life is anything high tech electronics and networking!! Then is my wife. Not necessarily in that order, I swear LOLLL!!




Username: Latoque

Name: Mike

Forum Member Since: 06/2006

What I like helping with: Email

Bio: I started in the forums as just another customer, answering questions about email and browsers that I knew the answer to.  That went on and off for quite a while.  Then I was asked to become an Expert, and I accepted.  I have no formal IT background of any kind; I'm just someone who happens to like working with, and learning about email and things related to it.  I consider my work in the forum to be the same as any other volunteer work.  I was also a volunteer literacy tutor for 4 1/2 years.  Originally from Michigan, I am retired and currently reside on the Gulf coast of Florida.



Username: rightfooted

Name: Mona

Forum Member Since:  04/2007

What I like helping with: Email, browser and related basic computer issues, and Xfinity Mobile Android.

Bio: I'm a former federal employee, retired since 2008. Got started on the web in the late 90s with a WebTV (later MSN TV). I bought my first computer, a Dell Dimension, in 2004. It had 512 MB of RAM and a 120 GB hard drive and was $1800.00!


I've always enjoyed helping others. I've been participating in various web forums for many years, and have found I tend to respond to more posts than I initiate. I've also learned a lot from answers to questions asked by others. My former job included time spent helping people all over the country. Now I get to volunteer some of my time doing that here in the Xfinity forums as a recognized member of the team.


I love tomatoes and black-capped chickadees.



Username: Nerd

Name: Steve

Forum Member Since: 06/2009

What I like helping with: TV, voice, internet, home networking

Bio: I'm a former Comcast employee in the technical division and in customer support. I was trained by Comcast and am also a certified NCTI Master Technician. Additionally, I'm a certified Master Electrician. I loved my job at Comcast and only left after years because I had a non-work related accident. 



Username: RustyBen

Name: Rusty

Forum Member Since:  10/2012

What I like helping with: X1, MoCA, MoCA over ethernet, networking, Roku, Streaming App and streaming website. 

Bio:  I am a long time helper that was nominated as a service expert (all things X1 TV). I’m retired. I performed in-home and shop electronics repair service for many years. Then I moved to being a network tech, then Systems Manager. I’ve completed numerous in-house and major-company training courses. I have CompTIA Network and PC certifications, FCC Commercial General Class License (was called First Class license). I have volunteered as an interpreter for the deaf at church/work. And I have replied to a few thousand posts here.



Username: jweaver0312

Name: Jarod

Forum Member Since:  08/2016

What I like helping with: Internet Connectivity

Bio: I learned programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP. Joined the bandwagon when I started having issues a few years back and made me wonder what makes the system and started my learning process to get as much info possible, but like helping out others. Also, since my father likes to be lazy sometimes, which he does deserve, I become his bridge between himself and Comcast.

Username: geek46

Name: Ray

Forum Member Since: 08/2013

What I like helping with: Digital Voice, X1 platform, Legacy Cable, Networking, Computer Hardware & Software

Bio: USN Veteran-7 years, Master Electrician-14 years, Dir of IT Operations-Govt Agency-18 years, Dir of Security Programs-Govt Agency-2 years.  Married, currently retired and spend my days hiking/birding around the Sunshine State and doing home projects such as replacing the siding, trim and windows on our home and getting ready to paint the entire house a "Key West" theme inside and out after the roof is removed and replaced!  I first came to the forums to learn about Comcast services but my passion for helping others with issues/problems allowed me to get noticed by Comcast and I was asked to be an Expert in September of 2015.




Learn more about our Experts and the Expert program here:

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