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  XFINITY CableCARD Activation and Pairing Online Website   A new self-service online tool is now available for customers to pair and activate a CableCARD for their customer-owned, CableCARD-compatible retail device Previously, the only way for customers with a CableCARD Self Install Kit to activate was to call the CableCARD Support line at 1-877-405-2298. Now, customers have the new online tool at   www.xfinity.com/activatecablecard   as another convenient option.    https://activatecablecard.xfinity.com/cablecardactivate/   Additional functionality is now active with this tool.    The re-pair feature now allows a customer to attempt to re-pair a CableCARD online if the associated host information is already in our system. Previously, that step would require a phone call.    www.xfinity.com/activatecablecard  
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Customers who rely on key services—including closed captioning and video description—now have direct access to a specially trained customer support team dedicated to resolving issues of importance to our customers with disabilities. Customers can reach the center between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM (Eastern Time), seven days a week.     *Web Articles:     Accessibility features section *E-mail:  accessibility@comcast.com *Chat:     Accessibility: Chat Support   Join the discussion here: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Accessibility/Accessibility-Assistance-Information/td-p/2790522  
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  Easy Pair allows you to pair your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to your XFINITY X1 TV Box without the need to log in with your XFINITY username and password. Once paired, you can easily fling websites and photos/videos from your device to your TV using the X1 Photos Mobile app. Please note that traditional pairing can still be done via the X1 Photos Mobile app; however, you will need your login credentials.   Eligibility: In order to use Easy Pair, you'll need: An X1 TV Box that is Internet capable (RNG-150 boxes not supported). XFINITY Internet service*. *Once a device has been paired, you can send photos/videos using the X1 Photos Mobile app over any Internet or mobile data connection.   How to pair a device: Open the X1 Photos Mobile app on your mobile device. For more information on the X1 Photos Mobile app, see our   FAQs page. Select   Guest. Your pairing code will appear.   Open the Easy Pair app on your TV, then enter the seven-digit pairing code displayed on the X1 Photos Mobile app.   A message confirming that your device has paired will display. You can now send photos/videos to your TV.   How to delete a paired device: Open the Easy Pair app on the TV from which you wish to delete a paired device. Select   Manage Devices. Highlight the   X   icon next to the device you wish to remove, then press   OK   on your remote.   FAQ's: How many TVs can I pair with my devices? You can pair with as many X1 TVs as you like. However, you will need to pair to each TV individually.   How many devices can be paired with an individual TV? Up to 15 devices can be paired to one TV. If you already have 15 devices paired to a single TV, you'll need to delete one paired connection before you can add another. How long does a device remain paired with my TV? One hour, after which time you'll need to re-pair the device. Can I pair with other X1 TVs that are not in my home? Yes. Follow the same process to pair your device to another X1 outside your home. Can guests or friends pair their device with an X1 TV Box in my home? Yes. Follow the same procedure to pair their device to an X1 in your home. My device does not appear in the Manage Devices list. Why? Devices remain paired for one hour. If your device does not appear in the   Manage Devices   list you will need to pair it again. Can content be streamed to my X1 TV from outside the home? Once a device is paired with your TV, content can be sent to the TV from that device whether in or out of the home. You can control access by deleting the paired connection from Manage Devices, or by enabling Parental Controls (Parental Controls > Feature Locks > Applications). Once enabled, you'll need to enter your Parental Control PIN to view the content sent to your X1.   Join the discussion here: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/Easy-Pair-App-for-X1/td-p/2916657
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The Arris XG1v4 is an HD DVR device that supports HDR10, 4K, and Bluetooth 4.2 capability. (Note: HDR10 4K and Bluetooth will not be supported until later in 2017.) It will be available via professional installation only for new X1 customers, and regions can expect to continue using a mix of XG1s for new X1 installations. It works with the XR2, XR5, and XR11 remotes. This device is currently limited in availability.     Frequently Asked Questions:   How does Bluetooth on the XG1v4 work? XG1v4 devices are equipped with Bluetooth antennas, which allow you to connect a Bluetooth device to stream audio. This feature is currently in Comcast Labs.   What Bluetooth devices are eligible? Currently, only Bluetooth speakers and headphones can be paired with your TV Box.   How many Bluetooth devices can be stored on the XG1v4? You can pair one Bluetooth device; however, your Bluetooth device can be paired to other equipment. For example, the XG1v4 will pair to a speaker, that’s also connected to a laptop. But, if you’ve already paired one device to the XG1v4, you cannot pair another.   Why isn’t a clock included on the XG1v4? The XG1v4 is the next generation video gateway. It features an updated industrial design that aligns with new X1 devices, like the Xi5, as well as future X1 devices.   Do I have to have a 4K TV to receive a XG1v4? Regions can expect to continue using a mix of XG1s for deployment.   Will I receive 4K content if I have a XG1v4? 4K content will not be available at launch. Expected availability of 4K content is later in 2017 through Netflix, and it will require Netflix on X1 (Premium Plan), a XG1v4 and a 4K TV. Later phases of 4K will include select XFINITY On Demand, Live TV and DVR content.    What will devices be named once connected? Device names and device types vary by manufacturer. For example, Bose Comfort 35 headset will appear as "Bose QuietComfort 35".   Can I request a XG1v4? Initially, XG1v4 devices will only be available to new X1 customers, installed on a professional installation basis only.     Features:   Bluetooth, 4.2 Supports HDR10, 4K (Note: HDR10 and 4K will not be supported until later in 2017.) Input/Output: HMDI Out, Ethernet No component, No composite No power/front panel button No clock Six Tuners/DVR: 500 GB Hard Drive Supports XR2, XR5, XR11 remotes     Device Specifications:   Manufacturer: Arris Model Number: AX014ANM; AX014ANC Device Type: Digital Video Recorder Device Dimensions: 10.63 in W x 6.34 in D x 1.18 in H   Front Rear   Join the discussion here:  http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/XG1v4-TV-Box/td-p/2907630  
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We're introducing a new way to interact with your channel lineup that will make it easier to find the entertainment you love and help discover new favorites. With this change, channels from 1-999 aren't going anywhere. Channels 1000-1999 will be organized by category, so networks with similar programming - like news networks, sports networks, and kids' networks - will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods to make browsing easier.   This channel lineup, also known as Channel Neighborhoods, was developed to make it easier for our customers to find their favorite shows by organizing networks in neighborhoods beginning with channel 1000. At this time, there will be no changes to channels 1-999 and customers can continue to find their channels and record their shows in the same manner they do today.   Frequently Asked Questions: Will the new channel lineup increase my bill?   The new channel lineup will not affect your bill.   Are you removing any of my channels?   As part of these lineup changes, we have no plans to remove any channels you have now.   Will this new channel lineup affect my DVR recordings?   If you're an XFINITY X1 customer, your DVR recordings, favorites and parental controls won't be affected, so you won't have to do a thing. If you don't have X1, you'll need to update your favorites.   Will the Spanish-language channels move?   Some of your favorite Spanish-language networks will be moving into the new channel neighborhoods, including soccer networks and broadcasters. If I have XFINITY X1, will my Voice Remote still work?   Yes, but channels 1000+ will only be seen as options in your channel guide. You won't be redirected to those channels automatically.   Are all TV boxes compatible with the new channel lineup?   Most TV boxes are compatible with the new channel lineup. However, if you have a DCT-2000 series TV box, you'll continue your SD-only experience, just as you do today. If you have a DTA (SD or HD) or an XiD, you will not receive the new channel lineup on those devices.   If I don't have X1, will I be able to find my channels in their new placements?   Yes. If you don't have X1, you can simply hit the Search button on your remote and type in the name of the programming you're searching for.   How will you handle SD and HD channels in the channel lineup?   The 1000+ channels will mostly consist of HD channels. When there is not an HD channel available for a certain network, an SD channel will be broadcast.   What if my TV subscription only gives me SD channels?   If your current TV subscription doesn't include HD channels, you'll only be able to view SD channels, just like you do now. This includes the SD channels in 1000+. If you tune to an HD channel, you'll receive a message saying that you cannot view this channel in HD.   What if I don't want these extra channels?   They're a part of your current TV package. There are no new channels in 1000+, just the channels you currently have, but organized differently. Channels in 1000+ are grouped together to help you find more shows like the ones you already love.   What do you mean my channels will be grouped together?   Channels 1000-1999 will be organized by category, so networks with similar programming - like news networks, sports networks, and kids' networks - will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods. These new channel neighborhoods are designed to make browsing easier and to help you find more of the content you want to watch.   How can I get a printed copy of my new channel lineup?   After you receive the new channel lineup, you can view or print a copy at   xfinity.com/localchannels. If you are unable to print a copy online, you can   contact us   to request that a copy be mailed to you.   Join the discussion here: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Channels-and-Programming/Channel-Lineup-quot-New-Channels-1000-1999-quot/td-p/2852221  
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Effective December 31, 2016, 3D programming will be discontinued on XFINITY On Demand. Please note that Comcast continuously evaluates the content that we deliver to our customers, and as part of this ongoing evaluation, we determined that 3D On Demand programming will no longer be offered. Please also note that because titles depend on our content providers, the amount of available 3D On Demand programming currently varies. Although we will continue to offer 3D On Demand programming until December 31, there is no guarantee that we will have titles available at any specific time.
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Con XFINITY X1, se puede cambiar el idioma del menú a español en poco tiempo! Siga las   simples  instrucciones a continuación:   1.  Presiona el botón xfinity en tu control remoto. 2.  Usa los botones de flecha hacia la izquierda y derecha en tu control remoto para seleccionar el ícono de la rueda dentada.   Pulse el botón OK para acceder al menú de Configuración.   3.  Usa los botones de flecha hacia arriba o abajo para resaltar Language y luego presiona el botón OK en el control remoto.   4.  Utilizando el botón de flecha hacia abajo, resalte Idioma de menú y pulse el botón Aceptar en el control remoto.   5.  Utilizando el botón de flecha hacia abajo, resalte Español o English (Canadá) y presione el botón OK en su control remoto.   6.  Para confirmar la modificación del   menú  y el idioma de la guía en español o inglés , resalte OK en la pantalla y luego presione el botón OK en su control remoto.   Si has seleccionado el español como tu configuración de idioma, la mayoría del contenido navegable se proporcionará en español. Por ejemplo: Menú principal:   Opciones e información de programación en la guía:   Opciones de grabación:   Menú de Configuraciones:   Búsqueda:   Nota: para volver a configurar el menú al idioma inglés, repite los mismos pasos y selecciona inglés.   Join the discussion here: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/Get-Your-X1-Menu-in-Spanish-Obt%C3%A9n-tu-men%C3%BA-X1-en-espa%C3%B1ol/td-p/2903601
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The Xi5 is a new wireless X1 TV box that will allow XFINITY X1 customers to watch live TV without the need for a coaxial cable connection.   Here are some FAQ's   Can the Wireless TV box be my only TV box? At this time, the Wireless TV box is intended for use as a secondary X1 device in your home, in conjunction with a primary X1 TV box. You must have a primary X1 TV box plugged in and connected to a coaxial cable jack in your home.   What are the requirements to have the Xi5 device? To have a Wireless TV box in your home, you'll need XFINITY TV service, at least one additional X1 TV box to act as the primary X1 device on your account and XFINITY Internet with a Wireless Gateway 3 (with RDK-B firmware) to stream video over the Xi5's WiFi connection.   Can I move the Wireless TV box to a different location in the house? Yes, you can move your Wireless TV box provided it maintains a wireless connection to the wireless gateway. Please note, however, that the distance from your gateway, along with other factors in your home (e.g., metal ducts, brick walls, double pane windows, etc.) will affect the video quality on the Wireless TV box.   Can I use the Wireless TV box outdoors? Yes, you may take the Wireless TV box outdoors provided it maintains a wireless connection to the XFINITY Gateway. Please note, the Wireless TV box is not weatherproof and you should avoid direct exposure to precipitation and extreme heat or cold.   Can I hide the Wireless TV box out of site? Yes, the Wireless TV box can be placed anywhere it can maintain a wireless connection to your wireless gateway, like in a cabinet or behind a TV. The voice remote that comes with the Wireless TV box does not require line-of-site to the box.   What should I do if my video freezes or pixilates? First, try rebooting the Wireless TV box. If the condition does not improve, try moving the Wireless TV box and your wireless gateway closer together. If you need additional support, please Contact Us.   Can I connect the Wireless TV box to my WiFi range extender? We recommend connecting the Wireless TV box directly to your wireless gateway for the best viewing experience. We cannot guarantee that the Wireless TV box will work properly over WiFi range extenders.   How many Wireless TV boxes can I have in my home at one time? At this time, the maximum is two Wireless TV boxes per account.   Can I use my own modem? No, the Wireless TV box can only be used with your XFINITY wireless gateway.   Are there charges or fees associated with the Wireless TV box? Yes, standard equipment and additional outlet service fees apply to the Wireless TV box.   Does the Wireless TV box support 4K/Ultra HD resolution? No, the Wireless TV box does not support 4K/Ultra HD resolution at this time.   Can I use X1 apps on the Wireless TV box? Yes, all X1 apps available on other X1 TV boxes will be available with the Wireless TV box.       Note: The Xi5 is only available in select markets at this time Aside from the WiFi connection, the Xi5 will have the same functionality as the Xi3 and XiD devices.   Device Specifications: Manufacturer: Pace Model Number: Pace PX051AEI Xi5 Device Type: HDTV Cable Box Device Dimensions: 4.23 in W x 4.23 in D x 0.63 in H   Xi5 Front Xi5 Rear To join the discussion or to get updates go here: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/Xi5-TV-Box/td-p/2860100    
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X1 Activation Process Overview This document outlines important steps of the activation process for XFINITY X1. These steps apply for all X1 devices received via Self Installation Kit; this installation option is available in select markets only. Choose Language Preference You can select your preferred language at the beginning of activation (English or Spanish). Once your language has been selected, all the remaining activation screens will be presented in that language. Your On-Screen Guide and menus will also appear in the language you select here. Note: If you choose the wrong language by mistake, you can exit the activation process by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the TV Box for 10 seconds to restart. X1 Activation Start-Up Screens The boot screen displays while the TV Box powers up: While the Welcome screen is displayed, the TV Box is connecting to Cloud services that include the activation application. Mandatory Firmware Download Screens For X1 TV Boxes that have older firmware versions, you may see a screen that reads, "Your TV Box is busy with a mandatory update," along with a countdown timer. When you see this screen, please allow time for the TV Box to complete this activity. The TV Box will reboot automatically when the download completes. Then, you will be taken to the Activation Process. If the TV Box is unable to complete the download, you will see a message which reads, "Give us a call. We've run into a problem. Sorry about that. Please call your service provider to get this taken care of right away." If this happens, please contact us. Activation Process During registration, the TV Box will require that you either enter your account number and phone number, or just the last four digits of your phone number. Use the number keys on the remote control to enter this information. You will automatically be taken to the next step of the set-up process once the numbers are validated. (Note: If you select, "I don't recognize this number," you will be asked to enter additional information to validate your account.)   If your credentials are not valid, an error message will be displayed that indicates: "We didn't find a match for that account or phone number. Please check that you have the correct information and try entering it again." Confirm your correct account number and home phone number and enter the information again.   After entering the account information use the up arrow button or down arrow button on your remote to choose a device name. On the screen that reads "Give your TV a name. Create a custom name or choose from a preset name to easily identify this TV," highlight a name and press the OK button, or highlight the Custom option and follow the instructions on the screen to create a custom name.   For some accounts, X1 service will activate quickly and will tune directly to live TV programming; however, the download and verification of subscription information may take up to 10 minutes. The following messages will be displayed to inform you that the activation process is still ongoing: "Getting pumped? So are we. We just need a few minutes to update your account info. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."   "Double-checking your system. Just another minute while we check your signal strength. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."   "Your entertainment is coming right up. Preparing your local channel lineup now. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."   "Sorry this is taking a little extra time. We'll have you up and running in just a few more minutes. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."   Once activation is complete, the TV will tune directly to live TV programming. Other Scenarios Using the Boot Up and Welcome Screens In certain scenarios (e.g., after a power outage), you may encounter the Boot Up, Welcome and Connecting to Live TV screens again. A One moment please notification appears when live TV is displayed and you attempt to use the remote control, but the On-Screen Guide has not yet fully loaded. Remote Control Setup and Pairing The next step to activate your X1 service is to pair your X1 remote with your TV Box. To do this, please see the remote pairing instructions.  
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