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Question   Can I buy my own DVR or cable box?   Answer   Yes. You can purchase your own device or DVR available from a legitimate retailer and-or authorized reseller in the United States.  Below are a list of a few of the models of "purchasable equipment" that Comcast supports:   Company Model # ADB DMX-CT1 Diego, Inc HDDMR7000 Mitsubishi HD-6000 Mitsubishi HD-4001 Motorola HDT300 Samsung GX-SM530CF Sony DHG-HDD 250 Tivo TCD652160 Tivo TCD648250B Tivo TCD658000 Tivo TCD748000 Tivo TCD746320 Tivo TCDA90000 Tivo TCD750500 Tivo TCD848000 Tivo TCD840300 Tivo TCD758250 Tivo TCD846500     Any customer owned device (above) would need to be activated via a Comcast-supplied cable card.   Will I be charged to use a CableCARD? The first CableCARD in a retail CableCARD device is free to Comcast customers. If a second CableCARD is needed for the same device (as is the case with certain older model TiVo devices), a charge will be applied based on your area.   Will I receive an equipment credit if I use my own CableCARD-compatible retail device? If you own a CableCARD-compatible device with an activated CableCARD and subscribe to an XFINITY TV service package that includes equipment as part of the service, you will receive a monthly equipment credit of $2.50 for each CableCARD-compatible retail device on your account. To learn more, see our Customer Owned Equipment Policy.     Some additional detailed information can be found at the links below:     Question   What about Motorola or Scientific-Atlanta or Cisco or Pace cable boxes on online auction sites?   Answer   Comcast is compliant with the FCC ruling that we offer customers the option to purchase a digital descrambler through authorized retail outlets. Comcast would then supply the customer with a POD (point of deployment) authorization card (cable card). However, we are not aware of any Motorola/Scientific-Atlanta/Cisco/Pace digital converters being offered through authorized retail outlets in the United Sates. Since we know of no authorized retailers or cable companies yet selling these digital converters in the United States, any such device could be the property of Comcast or another cable company. If we determine by the serial number that the box is lost or stolen and/or the property of another cable company, we would not support it. Information received would then be turned over to the proper authorities.     **NOTE**: The Comcast Help Forums are not to be used for trading/swapping, selling or advertising non-Comcast products, services, or other online venues. This includes multilevel marketing schemes and soliciting funds or other donations for what may or may not be a charitable cause. Members who post referral links to these sites will have their posts/signatures edited and may be subject to banning. Community memberships created solely for such purposes will be banned.
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