Retired public agency head with experience in both the soft and data side of management. I semi Geek, if there is such a think as my friends who I help call me or worse. Raised on the eastern seaboard, BS degree and 30 plus years in Human services and data systems development for large agencies, expereince is all phases of hiring and employment management, operation of detention facilities, and welfare programs, liaison with tech side, the budget side and the policy development efforts at state and federal level. I developed systems for people and systems to track people in agencies and the services to them. As a detention director I was by law a sheriff without a gun. We all laugh at how we manage juveniles without guard or mace, just skills, well educated skills. Very good researchers and public speakers. As a retired senior I work hard every day to stay relevant and active. You never know when someone needs a semi Geek or smart person. So be ready all your life!