Sam Strickland. Auburn University (BS Mathematics, '57). university of alabama, tuscaloosa branch (MA Mathematics, '62). Living in Bellevue, WA. Retired Boeing Technical Fellow. Apollo space program simulations; real time embedded software engineer, primarily in navigation, guidance, and flight controls for manned (B-52, B-1, B-2, 777) and unmanned (Condor, DarkStar, and UCAV) aircraft. First home computer was a NorthStar Horizon Z-80 CP/M system. Currently several Windows computers, including a desktop with Windows 7, and a laptop with Windows 8 and a touchscreen -- but most of the time I use an iPad 2. Cable TV setup includes a TiVo Premiere Elite with TiVo Stream and Xfinity On Demand feeding a relatively small (32") LCD HD TV. Married 53 years to a University of Washington Professor of Nursing. Three children, two living locally and one in Berkeley, CA. Three granddaughters (13, 10, and 7), two local and one recently moved from Bishop's Stortford, England to Berkeley, CA. Interested in sports cars (currently '94 Mazda RX7, previously '59 Alfa Romeo Spyder, '64 Austin Healey Sprite,'70 Porsche 914) and Formula One racing (Ferrari), and of course Auburn sports.
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