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Upcoming X1 Updates

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Didn't say I don't have one, said I can't use it because it doesn't do everything I need.
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Has anyone ever seen an answer, or can someone from Comcast maybe reply, to the question; why can't we get single button access to recordings?


It's been many years and this is a basic UI request that is very easy to solve and would be commonly used.


So many possible implementations.  Some examples -

- Change the Xfininity button to open to Saved, instead of Guide (because there is already a separate button for the Guide!)

- Remember/don't reset where the Xfinity button takes me every single night.

- Allow some type of programmable option (like the 30 second skip).

- Put something optional in the Comcast Labs that allows us to choose where the Xfinity button opens.


I know this is not a button per se but there is a way to get there without all the button pressing. use the voice remote and say the command for recordings, which is "go to my recordings". I just tested it and it works flawlessly!

Cool, will try that for sure, thanks.

You are welcome.I am glad I was able to be of assistance!

Very helpful, for your next trick, can you poke someone at Comcast with a stick and get them to actually implement the UI?


Haha!! glad my suggestion was helpful. I do agree that it should exist in the UI but I believe the future of X1 is the voice remote, which I have embraced fully. I see the day coming soon for when I will not have the need for button pressing besides launching voice commands and even that can be eliminated by using voice to make the command, similar to "hey siri" ! Until that day, I agree with you that the button pressing should be able to be limited to one press. Hopefully Andrew or another rep can speak to this when they have time.

I should probably use it more often than I do.

And if a voice command could get X1 to back up a slight amount, then slow mo forward, and stop on a frame, then i'd be all over it.

Yesterday I spent several mintues, maybe 20-25 tries, trying to get it to back up and then slo mo and stop at the exact point the ball hit the sand in a volleyball match, but never could, so just had to give up.  Future without slo mo and frame by frame is most definitely not awesome.



Can we add a voice command to delete a recording and MAKE IT actually delete it? The ghost delete is worse than ever. Hardly anything will delete these days. So weary of syncing DVR.

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RadTV wrote:

X1 Tweaks


Nothing really new there as far as I can see. Wish there was a way to subscribe to update sites like that. I have signed up for everything I can and still get nothing like that


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Is there a voice command to get straight to Baltimore Orioles MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta)?
Or will there be?