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Learn how to replace the batteries in your XFINITY Home devices.
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Your installed XFINITY Home devices come pre-installed with batteries, and over time, those batteries will begin to expire. When this happens, you will receive notifications through your Touchscreen, XFINITY Home subscriber portal, and your XFINITY Home Mobile app. It is important to replace your battery within two weeks of receiving the notification. The system will continue to function properly, but if the battery dies completely, the associated device will lose all functionality:   Any rules associated with the device will not trigger If the device is a door/window or motion sensor, it will not sound alarm if it is tripped while the system is in “Arm” state. In order to arm the system while a device is in complete failure, users must bypass the zone.   What You'll Need XFINITY Home Access to your XFINITY Home devices Access to the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices, Subscriber Portal or Touchscreen Controller Small flathead screwdriver Small Phillips-head screwdriver Replacement batteries (see devices below for battery types and number of batteries required) Two-sided tape (for certain Wireless Keypads and Sensors)       Click   here   for easy-to-follow instructions that will help you replace your batteries for all our XFINITY Home devices.
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Effective January 9th 2016, XFINITY Home will deploy a new user interface in all regions to the following devices: Existing TCA203 Touchscreen Controllers over the course of the next two months All newly-installed TCA203 and XH1-TC Touchscreen Controllers The new user interface has a number of key features, including: A single app experience (no launch required to view or interact with devices) Improved alert and trouble help messaging More intuitive arming error messaging Improved screensaver experience Integrated weather experience (instead of a separate weather app) Guided walkthrough Persistent unresolved trouble list There are a number of other changes from the old Touchscreen Controller user interface, including: Some apps have been removed, including Sports, Help, Sudoku, Weather, Clock, Word of the Day, News and Calculator. Fire Panic and Medical Panic have both been removed, but Police Panic remains. In case of fire or medical emergency, it is better to dial 911 directly, as they can Geolocate, respond real-time and assist with active events.   For additional information about this change see here: https://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/home-security/touchscreen-getting-started-unified/
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Did you know you can now restart your XFINITY Home touchscreen right from your smartphone? It's easy do to - all you need is to make sure you have the latest version of the XFINITY My Account app, version 1.15!   This feature can be used if your touchscreen should ever become slow or unresponsive. In just a few taps, you can restart your touchscreen and get back to enjoying the safety and security XH provides.   The My Account app is available for both   iOS and   Android   today.
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False Alarm Prevention Tips REMEMBER: Arm   AWAY   activates the motion detector. Keep areas around motion detectors clear. Keep large pets, fans, heaters, plants, curtains and seasonal decorations away from Motion Detectors. Change batteries in Sensors and Detectors as soon as you get a low battery alert. SAVE THIS NUMBER AS “ALARM COMPANY” IN YOUR CONTACTS 1-800-633-2677 It's important to save the Central Monitoring Station's phone number to each of the phones that are listed on your account to help you quickly identify and answer any Monitoring Station calls. Please keep in mind that this number should not be dialed for support with your security system. If you need technical assistance, please call 1-800-COMCAST. Manage Call to Verify Contacts The call to verify contacts will be called in an alarm event. It is important to know that Central Station is calling (save Alarm Company as a contact). It also important for each family member all CTV contacts know the Central Station Passcode. http://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/home-security/manage-emergency-dispatch-contacts/ Setting your Central Station Passcode In the event of an alarm, expect a call from the Central Monitoring Station. Provide your passcode so they know it's a false alarm. Choose a passcode that's easy for you to remember, and easy for the Central Monitoring Station to understand. Also, make sure everyone in your family knows the passcode. http://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/home-security/secure-setting-passcode/
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  Customers can now download an Xfinity Home National Alarm Certificate.  To do this simply log into your Xfinity.net account & go to My Account > My Services > Xfinity Home > Xfinity Home National Alarm Certificate.   Alternatively, you can go directly to   https://customer.xfinity.com/MyServices/XHS & select Xfinity Home National Alarm Certificate.
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