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Xfinity Help & Support Forum Archival Project


Xfinity Help & Support Forum Archival Project

Is there something in the Xfinity Forum that you are looking for and cannot find? This could be because we recently started an archive project.


Since our community started in 2003, we have continued to allow topics to live on forever in our public forum. This method has allowed outdated and irrelevant content to still be accessible. For a Support Forum this method can cause some of our users to have difficulty finding the exact information they are looking for. It can also mean that the Best Answer of the past, may no longer be the best answer today.


Since Comcast releases new products and services frequently, in the coming weeks you will notice our team reviewing and archiving obsolete posts. These posts will be moved off their board to a public archive. When a topic is archived you will still be able to view this post or link to them for insight in new discussions, you will simply not be able to continue the discussion. After some time in this public archive, it will no longer searchable or viewable. Of course any topics that are still very active, regardless of the age, will continue to stay in a public board for you to participate in. If one of your posts is archived, don’t worry it will not affect your post count, your rank, or any associated badges.


If you want to help with these efforts, if you find a post that you feel should be archived you can click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the post. There you will see the option to “Report” the post. In the “Notify Moderator of Inappropriate Content” window add the verbiage “Archive Post” and include your explanation as to why you believe that post needs to be archived.


If there is a topic that you cannot find and believe that it requires additional attention or that it is still relevant, please contact ComcastJessie or ComcastJohnL and we will review your request. However, if any post violates our forum guidelines, these posts are usually removed immediately and will not be returned to the public forum. As always, any posts that violate our forum guidelines in any way could result in the revocation of your Xfinity Forum posting privileges. We ask that you please review our guidelines for additional information.