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Expert Program

What is the Xfinity Expert Program?


The Xfinity Expert Program consists of Xfinity customers who are passionate and knowledgeable about Xfinity products and services.  Our Experts are recognized for their high level of technical expertise, their breadth of knowledge, willingness to help, and the ability to interact with other members in a helpful and engaging way.


Our Xfinity Experts are independent of Xfinity and come to the forum to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Xfinity Experts come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge they are willing to share with other members. Their varied backgrounds help to shape the Expert Program as well as the community as a whole in a positive and constructive way.


These Experts have spent many years in our community actively engaging with other customers. They volunteer their time just for the pleasure of helping others. Although it is not a requirement, our Experts also spend countless hours in the forum assisting our Official Emplyees. They go above and beyond for customers and are able to provide insight to what our customers are experiencing, keep us informed of hot topics, and ensure the community continues to meet the needs of our customers.



Who are our Xfinity Experts?


Username: Madylarian

Name: Mady

Forum Member Since: 06/2003 

What I like helping with: Desktop email product configuration, especially Pegasus

Bio: Retired accountant using computers since the 80s; I've had personal domains (and email addresses) since around 1995.



Username: Joe

Forum Member Since: 06/2003

What I like helping with: Internet Connection

Bio: I run a business that remodels old building and then rent then out which I have been doing with my family since I was 10 year old.


I learned to solve most computer and connection issue myself and from here at the forum I love helping others who are new at this as I was.


That’s pretty much it.


Real estate takes all your time so no hobbies, no clubs just some great stories about what I find in old building and how tenants do anything to get from paying rent



Username: Baric

Forum Member Since: 07/2003

What I like helping with: Networking

Bio: Been working with computers all of my adult life, everything from IBM mainframes to PC's.  By trade, I'm a software engineer working primarily on Java server applications.  Lately my focus has been more on enterprise application monitoring and tools to make things play nicely together.  I have an extensive background in networking with routers and switches and wireless access points, mostly in the small office area.  Windows and I go way back, but I prefer Linux and Mac systems best.  I build my own systems, so the hardware side of things is very familiar to me.


I'm a big reader and love to watch movies.  In the warmer months, I spend a lot of time on my Harley, out and about. 




Username: Weil

Forum Member Since: 07/2003

What I like helping with: Networking

Bio: genetic genealogist, photographer, mathematician, curmudgeon, electrical engineer (retired) home network with- MacBook Pro (Retina), Airport Extreme, old MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad Mini, retina iPad, Apple TV, Comcast Pace & Motorola HD boxes running two Panasonic HDTVs with QAM tuners



Username: kevj

Forum Member Since: 10/2003

What I like helping with: Networking

Bio: 35 years’ experience in the field of computers and networking. Windows server admin and Lotus Notes admin experience. Basic working knowledge of Unix\Linux (enough to get by!). 10 years’ experience with Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco switching and routing, Cisco and F5 load-balancing. ITIL certified. Currently working as a shift manager for a major telecommunications company (not Comcast), managing techs that work on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers, and multi-vendor network devices.



Username: USAF_E-8_RET

Name: Bruce

Forum Member Since: 10/2003

What I like helping with: Norton Products (both retail and offered by Xfinity)

Bio: I was born and raised in West Reading, PA and joined the Air Force 2 weeks after I graduated from high school. - Retired after 23 1/2 Years in the United States Air Force - Retired again after 16 1/2 years with the US Postal Service - Living in Petal, MS for almost 24 years. - My first computer was an Apple IIe (Enhanced). I have never had any formal training in computers, what I know is self-taught and I am pleased to say that I am still learning. Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks! I enjoy being able to help others because there was always someone out there on the internet to help me and I feel that if I can give something back, than I am repaying those who helped me! - I have also been a GURU on the Norton Forums since Nov 2011. - I enjoy bowling, watching NASCAR and Air Shows.



Username: EG

Name: Dan

Forum Member Since: 12/2003

What I like helping with: Cable modems and associated equipment and hardware. Routers and general networking equipment.

Bio: Retired tech / engineer on microprocessor based elevator motion control and traffic management systems with integrated networking to admin remote control systems for 35 years.


The love of my life is anything high tech electronics and networking!! Then is my wife. Not necessarily in that order, I swear LOLLL!!



Username: Queen-Evie

Name: Evie

Forum Member Since: 02/2004

What I like helping with: Customer Service, Billing, Others if I know the answers

Bio:  I am a GRITS, a simple Alabama country girl. Born and raised in Tuscaloosa. 
Auburn University graduate 1978.
I enjoy helping others with their computer issues. I pay it forward-others helped me when I was new to computers and the internet.
In my real life, I love to spend time with my children, their spouses, my 3 grandchildren and my extended family.
My passion is reading and a close second is working with power tools.



Username: Barmar

Forum Member Since: 04/2004

What I like helping with: Email

Bio: ~30 years of computer experience, in software development, system administration, and technical support.



Username: WarEagle57

Name: Sam

Forum Member Since: 12/2004

What I like helping with: Cable Television

Bio: Auburn University (BS Mathematics, '57)
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa branch (MA Mathematics, '62)

Living in Bellevue, WA

Retired Boeing Technical Fellow
Apollo space program simulations; real time embedded software engineer, primarily in navigation, guidance, and flight controls for manned (B-52, B-1, B-2, 777) and unmanned (Condor, DarkStar, and UCAV) aircraft

First home computer was a NorthStar Horizon Z-80 CP/M system.  Currently several Windows computers, including a laptop with Windows 8, and now an iPad Air

Cable TV setup includes a TiVo Premiere DVR feeding relatively small (32") HD TV

Married 55 years to a UW Professor of Nursing
Three children, two living locally and one in Berkeley, CA
Three granddaughters (14, 11, and 8), two local and one in California

Interested in sports cars (currently '94 Mazda RX7, previously '59 Alfa Romeo Spyder, '64 Austin Healey Sprite,'70 Porsche 914) and Formula One racing (prefer Ferrari), and of course Auburn sports



Username: LoPhatPhuud

Name: Steve

Forum Member Since: 11/2005

What I like helping with: Consumer Security, Malware Removal

Bio: My affair with computers began in the early 60's in high school when my summers were filled with programming for my father’s graduate students. I often took time to teach them to program as well. That led to several years in programming, system administration and system support until I retired on disability in 1999.


Since then, I have always been helping and teaching others about computers, programming and security. From a 640k 8080 running CPM to my current i7 running Windows 10 Pro, I have always had an interest in the online community and safe, sane computing.


Through various online groups I was introduced to the Anti-Spyware community. Disability gave my ample time to devote to this never ending battle and a new avenue for my inquisitiveness. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to help others, and occasionally, to help them help themselves.


I have also been fortunate enough to have been a Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security since 2005.



Username: Latoque

Name: Mike

Forum Member Since: 06/2006

What I like helping with: Email

Bio: I started in the forums as just another customer, answering questions about email and browsers that I knew the answer to.  That went on and off for quite a while.  Then I was asked to become an Expert, and I accepted.  I have no formal IT background of any kind; I'm just someone who happens to like working with, and learning about email and things related to it.  I consider my work in the forum to be the same as any other volunteer work.  I was also a volunteer literacy tutor for 4 1/2 years.  Originally from Michigan, I am retired, and currently reside on the Gulf coast of Florida.



Username: Again

Forum Member Since: 2002

Expert Since: 08/2006

What I like helping with: Customer Service



Username: BethKatz

Name: Beth

Forum Member Since: 11/2006

What I like helping with: Macintoshes and other Apple products especially email, unusual problems

Bio: Computer Science professor with many years of Mac and Unix experience. I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my husband. I came to the forum when my router wouldn't upload files because it needed a firmware upgrade; I didn't know it had firmware that could be upgraded. I saw that I could help with questions about Comcast's personal web page service, so I stayed. I like to be helpful. It comes from my extensive and continuing experience with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as well as my teaching background. When I'm teaching or busy with scouting, I'm not around here much.



Username: JayInAlg

Forum Member Since: 03/2007



Username: JamesR

Name: Jim

Forum Member Since: 09/2007

What I like helping with: Computer Maintenance and Repair

Bio: I have 50 years’ experience in Computer Maintenance and repair.

I am Cisco Certified as a CCNA

I have worked as the Night Shift Manager of the Comcast Network Operations Center in Cherry Hill, NJ for a short while until I started going blind.

I Have also worked doing Telephone Tech Support for Comcast at an Outsourcer named The Answer Group down in North Lauderdale , Fl.

I first came to the Forums looking for solutions and found that I had some expertise to offer.



Username: nerdburg

Name: Steve

Forum Member Since: 06/2009

What I like helping with: TV, voice, internet, home networking

Bio: I'm a former Comcast employee in the technical division and in customer support. I was trained by Comcast and am also a certified NCTI Master Technician. Additionally, I'm a certified Master Electrician. I loved my job at Comcast and only left after years because I had a non-work related accident. 



Username: geek46

Name: Ray

Forum Member Since: 08/2013

What I like helping with: Digital Voice, X1 platform, Legacy Cable, Networking, Computer Hardware & Software

Bio: USN Veteran-7 years, Master Electrician-14 years, Dir of IT Operations-Govt Agency-18 years, Dir of Security Programs-Govt Agency-2 years.  Married, currently retired and spend my days hiking/birding around the Sunshine State and doing home projects such as replacing the siding, trim and windows on our home and getting ready to paint the entire house a "Key West" theme inside and out after the roof is removed and replaced!  I first came to the forums to learn about Comcast services but my passion for helping others with issues/problems allowed me to get noticed by Comcast and I was asked to be an Expert in September of 2015.



Username: RobertWy

Name: Robert

Forum Member Since: 8/2009

What I like helping with: X1 System Xfinity web site

Bio:  Retired Computer Systems Analyst since 1960

Worked in Banking, Nuclear Weapons Systems (Sandia Corp), NASA Shuttle Flight Software and Mission Control Center



Username: RustyBen

Name: Rusty

Forum Member Since:  10/2012

What I like helping with:  Xfinity Apps, MoCA and associated networking, X1 set top box equipment, home Internet/networking, 

Bio:  Retired Systems Manager (Sears), FCC First Class Radiotelephone License with Ship's Radar endorsement, Retired Licensed Electronic Repair (Louisiana). B.A. Business Administration/Finance LSU-Shreveport. Current resident of Louisiana.



Why would you want to be an Expert?


  • Support Others – Many of our posters have tried multiple ways to get a resolution for their issue. By the time a user posts in the forums it is often their last hope. You can use your knowledge, skills, and expertise to help make some else’s day better.
  • Connect with Others – By becoming an Xfinity Expert you have the ability to connect with other users and Comcast employees on a whole new level. Learn more about the inner-workings of Xfinity and the employees behind our great products and services. Our monthly Expert meet-up is a great way to meet other Experts on a face-to-face basis and communicate your thoughts and feelings in a more direct form.
  • Be in the Know - Gain insight to new products and services offered by Comcast before the general public does. Have a say in how Xfinity products are shaped and how they will be offered to all Xfinity customers.
  • See and Do More – Xfinity Experts have earned the privilege of having exclusive access to otherwise “hidden” areas of the forum. This means they have a private place to congregate and express feedback and chat in a private environment. Additional privileges include moderator functions within the community. Experts can move/remove posts and escalate advanced issues directly to our escalation team. We give Experts the first opportunity to trial new products and services to be offered by Xfinity.



How to become an Xfinity Expert


To start the journey of becoming an Xfinity Expert, simply register to as a user of the Xfinity Help & Support Forum and just start answering users questions and author helpful solutions. We ask that all of our Experts answer questions in a smart, well-thought out, useful manner and we discourage speculation and posts that provide useless/unhelpful information.


As you contribute to the Xfinity forum you will notice that you will move up in "ranks". You can gain ranks by posting in the community, having your answers marked as Accepted Solutions, and by giving and receiving kudos. Just being a member of the community and interacting with other users (many of which will probably be our current Experts) will get you recognized for any outstanding support. Once you have shown that you are here to assist and support the community as a whole, other users and/or employees will nominate you to join the rank of Expert.


If you want to know more about the program or are interested in becoming an Xfinity Expert, simply private message me directly. Let the journey begin!

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