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xb6 eth2 keeps dropping

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xb6 eth2 keeps dropping

The xfinity xb6 gateway only has 2 ethernet ports (eth1 and eth2).  My desktop computer is plugged into eth1 and my laser printer is plugged into eth2.  During the past month my printer went off-line for no apparent reason. There were no lights on eth2 so it was definitely dead.  I plugged the printer's ethernet cable into eth1 and it indicated a good connection.  I plugged it back into eht2 and there were no lights.

I called tech support and they remotely reset the gateway. After the reboot completed, both ethernet ports were active again.

Any ideas what may be happening?  Comcast wants to charge me $40 to come out and replace the xb6.


Re: xb6 eth2 keeps dropping

1 ). The XB6 may somehow have gone in to bridge mode (which disables port number 2). When the device is reset, it defaults to going back in to router / gateway mode.


2 ). There may be a problem with the gateway firmware load / port number 2 which the reset cleared up.


If you want to try swapping it out, you can bring it in to your nearest Comcast store and avoid the tech charge.

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