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xFi and motorola MoCa boxes.

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xFi and motorola MoCa boxes.

I have a brand new xFi modem/router downstairs in my basement and recently build a desktop upstairs that I want to get a direct connection to. I bought two motorola 2.0 moCa boxes to put one downstairs and the other upstairs. The only issue is the POE filter is messing with my tv boxes. My setup is like this;



Main coax coming into house-> POE filter-> motorola box which then connects to my xFi box with a coax and a ethernet. 


My room

Main coax from room into motorola box, then another coax from motorola box into my main box as well as an ethernet cord going directly to my computer. 


I am receiving internet service to my computer as well as wifi, and my tv with the main box is working just fine but my smaller boxes in the other rooms do not receive signal. I was trouble shooting and noticed when I removed the POE filter downstairs then all my tv's received service but now I am worried that there is no protection downstairs from neighboors using my moCA or it interfering with others. Any suggestions?


Also, does my xFi have moCa security? Reason I ask is on the help page of my moCa box it states that in case I cannot use a POE filter:


Using A Security Key With Your MoCA Adapter

If for some reason you can't use a PoE filter, you can add security by programming the same security key into each and every one of your MoCA devices. If you are using a MoCA device from another manufacturer, verify that the device does support security. Many MoCA devices do not support security. For ones that do, please consult their instruction manual.