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wrong device entry in modem - can't delete.


wrong device entry in modem - can't delete.

Some background:

My Samsung BD J5100 bluray player was working fine and then somehow disappeared from my  xfinity router device pages on my computer and balked when we tried to access it with message of no gateway connection, which was correct - somehow.


It is through this player that we access sites like Hulu, Amazon and other entertainment sites for movies, TV shows, etc, and since we gave up xfinity TV, this was our access to the occasional movie or show.

I re-entered it into the router, but mistakenly entered it as a wifi device when it is actually connected by ethernet. Now that it's in my wifi list of offline devices, I cannot delete it and set it up correctly. For some reason, we're not allowed to delete offline devices fromthe list - only online devices. ??  Nor can I simply enter it into the wifi section because I then get an error of "duplicate MAC address". I now have to totally reset my xfinity modem/router and re-enter all my equipment or is there some secret way to delete an individual offline device? That sure would be nice. Oh! I tried to contact the xfinity trouble number and was disconnected twice afer a five minute log on each time , so gave that up.