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wifi router

The other day my 2.4Ghz channel became unavailable. The support person I spoke to did some testing and then had me get a new wifi router from a Xfinity store.

The new router was a pain to setup because I couldn't connect to it and the support people were horrible. I initiated a call for service but left the router plugged into the network over night. In the morning everything appeared to be working fine so I cancelled the service call.

Of the 4 ethernet ports I have 2 connected and the devices are working fine. When I connect anything to the 3rd or 4th port the system freezes. I can see rapid flashing on the 2.4 and 5 lights but I can't connect anything via the wifi. I can't even connect via


Devices I have connected are Sonos, cameras, TV and a Netgear Powerline device.

Do I have a bad router? What tests can I do to determine what the issue is?