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vast discrepancies in speed; I see I'm not alone

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vast discrepancies in speed; I see I'm not alone

I live in Santa Fe and work remotely in San Francisco.  I develop a lot of Excel files for import to our company database.  Some of these Excel files may be 10,000 items with 15 fields and run with no problem.  Others are only 2,000 lines and take massive waiting periods for the slightest change.  So that is the first issue.  If anyone can help me with this I would be greatly appreciated.


As far as speedtests go, if I run "speedtest" I get 20 down and 2 up.  Very slow, especially because I am paying Comcast for Super Blast or something.  When I run the "" what do you know?  I get 250 down and 12 up, an order of magnitude faster, and plenty fast for my purposes  But it is not to be believed.  Another poster suggested the only true test was "testmynet."  When I ran that I got 30 down and 2 up, again woefully inadequate for a server 1200 miles away.  Please help if you have any suggestions.  I clean up the system regularly but the increase in performance is nominal.  

thanks, Mark