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unstable internet connections

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unstable internet connections

Every since Wednesday, June 10(a huge power outage from PG&E), my home internet connection has been extremely unstable. On average my area would get about 4 outages per day, and even when no outages are reported in my area I would still get disconnected from the internet. 


After some self-troubleshooting, I discovered that my modem's event log was filled with T3 and T4 timeouts, happening about every other 20 mins. After the technician came by this morning and doing some regular checkups he claims that I am only having this issue because of local internet outages. However, even when there isn't an outage I am still affected and have very unstable internet connections. The chat with agent options is very useless, all the agents I had spoken to only cared about re-establishing a connection other than finding the root of the problem.


I am positive that my setup is completely functional and the issue seems to be somewhere upstream. Also, it appears that our whole neighborhood is affected too. Please help.


Image of my modem's event log: