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reserved IP

I have a TC8305C modem.  I want to change a computer to a reserved IP.  When I follow the instructions in the modem guide:


"How to assign a reserved IP
Proceed as follows to do so:
1 Browse to the Admin Tool.
For more information, see “Accessing the Admin Tool” on page 25.
2 On the left menu, click Connected Devices.
3 The Devices page appears. If:
 Your device is already listed in one of the tables, proceed as follows:
1 Click Edit.
2 The Edit Device page appears.
3 In the Configuration list, click Reserved IP.
4 If needed, change the value in the Reserved IP Address box."


and then click Save, I get an error message "MAC address already exists".  The MAC address is carried over from the values already entered.  It will not Save the changes.


Anyone Help?



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Re: reserved IP

Did you ever get an answer to the "MAC address already exist" question? I have the same problem and can't find an answer to it.

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Re: reserved IP

Dead thread from last year now being closed. Please post your own new topic here detailing your issue.