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question about internet plan

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question about internet plan

I have the following connected to my wifi network. We normally only have 4 or 5 of these devices in use at the same time. During the day, we will have two ipads on zoom calls for most of the school day since all of the classes are being held synchronously. 


2 school ipads

1 home ipad

4 cell phones

1 printer

3 google home devices

1 tv

2 pc

1  Bose Soundtouch speaker


Given that we have the above connected to our wifi network, do we need the 300Mpbs download speed internet data plan? I understand that devices connected to the wifi network will degrade the internet performance even if they are not being used. We are using the 200Mbps download speed internet data plan right now. I sometimes have to pause devices (to reduce the number of devices on the wifi network).