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computer can connect only to google

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computer can connect only to google

I detached a 3rd party extender from the xfinity router and moved upstairs.   


after this 2 computers, an ipad and a peloton bike no longer can connect to the internet properly.  One computer is fine.  The strange thing is the computers that are not working correct have perfect connections to GOOGLE< Netflicks, facebook but almost nothing else.  So there can connect to the wifi signal but are limited to the larger sites.   On the internet these are the ipn6 encription website.



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Re: computer can connect only to google

You need to speak to ComcastJohnN. Having the same issue. Trying to figure out how to contact him.
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Re: computer can connect only to google

New Customers (or switching modems) make sure Comcast has the HFC-MAC (CM-MAC) as your modem MAC..   If they get the CPE-MAC (WAN-MAC) the modem will not work correct and your CPE will only get a IPv6 address..


I am finding this is most of the issues I have found..

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