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bandwith & disconnects

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bandwith & disconnects

I have just about had enough with the constant bandwith problems and disconnects with our internet. I pay over $200.00 a month and all we get on amazon and netflix is "not enough bandwith and stream disconnects due to no internet connection" I run a speed test and yes the internet is down. Then it connects again only to go down 15 minutes later. I purchased xpods thinking that might help but did not. Comcast was great 2 years ago but now is not worth it.  I can't count the number of times I rebooted the modem and called support only to hear "I will refresh your modem". Is this just growing pains for comcast in our area, becuase there is an explosion of new neighborhoods and I should wait to see if it gets fixed, or find a new provider? We are in NW Indiana in Crown Point.


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