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alarm system

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alarm system

I have had an alarm system in my home for 25 years. I have always had phone service through Century Link, Qwest or whoever owned them at the time. This was in land line form.The alarm system always grabbed the line first to alert the monitoring company and service. I have had Comcast for about 4-5 months now, but since it is an internet type of line, accessed through my modem I don't think it is doing the same as the land line did. In other words the alarm system sets through the pad as if it is active but I think it is only local and not being monitored now. Is there a solution to this problem?

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Re: alarm system

If you’re not sure, call your alarm company and have them remotely test your system. They’ll know if your system is getting dial tone or not. Is your phone line out of the modem back feeding out to a wall jack or is a phone plugged directly into it