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adding a range extender

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adding a range extender

I have a DPC 3941B (Wireless Gateway 3) router/modem from Comcast for internet.  I bought a Netgear EX-6200v2 AC1200 dual band wifi range extender.  I have tried connecting via WPS and also by trying to add a device and trying to add a via designated IP address.  Nothing seems to work.  The "Range Extender" line item on the admin menu under Connected Devices does not allow to add a range extender.  

What am I missing here?

Also as an aside - when I click on Connected Devices on the front menu page, nothing shows up.  I am only able to see IP addresses on the network by using ipconfig on a DOS command screen.

Any assistance would be appreciated.




I was finally able to add the WiFI range extender.  I had to first get a laptop and turn off the wireless so that it was disconnected from the network and the internet.  Then used a Cat5 cable to connect the laptop to the Netgear WiFi range extender.  Then I was able to login using the Netgear login page (this did not work on the pc when it was connected to the network).  Then I was able to create the connection to the WiFi extender.  It creates a new name for each the 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz channels.  It uses your SSID and then it adds these extensions, "_5GEXT" and "_2GEXT", keep the passcodes the same as the SSID for your router.  Once this was done, I disconnected the extender from the laptop, and moved the extender to a central location in the house.  The lights on the top indicated that it was connected to the router.  Then you go to a device that you want to target and reset the SSID or network to which it is connected.  Connect it the newly created SSID_5GEXT and that is it.  Not sure about other manufacturer's but Netgear has FastLane Technology, that allows you to specify signal from the router to the extender on 1 channel (i.e. 2.4 Ghz) and then fom the extender to the device (television) on the other channel (i.e. 5 Ghz).


Hope this helps



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Re: adding a range extender

Connecting a range extender is like adding a wifi device to your network.  Just follow the directions that come with the extender.

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