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Xifnity block some legitimate website internet service

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Xifnity block some legitimate website internet service

It happened a couple of times.  3 months ago, I found I could not go to some of the website, such as Bank of China,  via my home wifi.   But weired enough, I can get on the website via AT&T data.   It took me some time to figure out that some how,  Xfinity blocked some sites.  A lot of emails/phonecalls with Xfinity tech. service but they don't know why.   I finally switched the router and then all came back to normal.     Yesterday,  it happended again.   You can get on to google, but not baidu.  you can get on to Bank of America, but not bank of China.   I just change back to my the previous router and it works. 


So, basically, once you change your MAC address of your WAN,  all is back ot normal.  


Does anybody encounter such strange behaviour of Xfinity internet ?   Why Xfinity block some legitimate website ?  And any solution other than change the MAC address ?  


Re: Xifnity block some legitimate website internet service

These folks may be able to help you;


Comcast Customer Security Assurance.

Business Hours: 6:00am - 2:00am EST, 7 days a week

Contact: 1-888-565-4329

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