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Xfinitywifi is killing my wi-fi signal?

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Xfinitywifi is killing my wi-fi signal?

I have xfinity with TV, I ntenet and phone and have the xfinity wireless gateway.


I recently purchased as smart TV and connected it to my Wi-Fi. The TV sees two very strong signals of xfiniftywifi (one is 2.4 one is 5Ghz) at 4 bars each. Then I see my Wi-Fi connections from the gateway, but these are each only 1 bar.

I can connect my TV to either one of the networks and it works for a short time, but then it disconnects becoause of poor signal.

I checked that botht xfinitywifi are always on the same channel as my wi-fi signals and they all dissapear if I turn off the gateway so clearly the xfinity wifi is coming from my box, but I don't see why xfinitywifi is a much stronger signal unless it is simply killing my regular home wifi.

I tried connecting my TV to xfinity wifi, but could not. On a phone I use the app, but how can I connect a TV.

I did try turning off xfininitywifi online, but I do not have the option to do so on the site.

I don't need to dissable xfiniftywifi, I just want my wifi signal to be just as strong as xfinitywifi.