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Xfinity wifi public hotspot resolving host issues

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Xfinity wifi public hotspot resolving host issues

My home wifi is just fine, no issues there.

The issue I'm having is that when connected to the encrypted "XFINITY" or open "xfinitywifi" public hotspots all of my connected devices (Windows 10 laptop and 2 mobile phones) take a very long time to resolve domain names and to actually start loading web pages or moving data.

This issue is present not just in all web browsers on my machine (Opera, Firefox, Chrome) but any Windows app that also makes call outs to the internet.

This issue often results in connection timeouts (resulting in dropped connections in Windows apps) and "connection closed"  browser errors.

On my Windows laptop I've tried manually setting alternative primary and secondary DNS servers but the issue remains regardless of DNS settings.

Anything else I could do to try and resolve this issue? (pun intended  )


Also, internet speeds once connected to web servers are just fine.

I hit the Xfinity public wifi hotspot speed cap of around 3.5 - 3.6MB/s down with no issues.