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Xfinity Multiple Routers Installed Causing Major Connectivity Issues

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Xfinity Multiple Routers Installed Causing Major Connectivity Issues

Please help.  I can't get any response back from Comcast outside of their usual responses, and all of this began right after their install visit.



My partner and I both remotely for our employers; and we are online all day every day.  I recently started renovating an office space for me in an adjacent structure (metal building), 15 feet away from the main house.


I tried extending my signal using xfinity pods.  They worked okay, but not enough for my demands of working all day connected to the internet and my company's ip phone (connected via Cat5).


I already had cable and a television installed in the new space and so I thought it would be simple enough to install an additional router to run my computer and telephone equipment .


Xfinity techs insisted that the best solution was to install an additional xfinity router in my office space.  That is where the problems began.


Since the new router has been installed, if I leave it plugged in and connected, I can't download simple emails, apps on my phone will not load (timeout), even the xfinity app will not load while both routers are operational.  My IP phone will not stay connected for more than five minutes before losing connections. my alexa and alexa devices drop connection or do not work if both routers are on.


Unplug the new router and everything returns to normal, with the exception that my office (the entire reason for this exersize) is useless until I can get this resolved.


The Tech for Comcast who installed all of this told me he had never done it before, and that this was something he had never seen before, but 'should be easy enough.'   The second tech that came out to look into the issue, said it had to be the router and so he replaced the new router with an even newer router (nothing changed).   He gave me a card to the Technical Supervisor for this district and said I should reach out directly to him---done that---still no response after VM and two emails over five days.   


I would rather eat glass than call Technical Support again--if I hear 'let me refresh your system to see if that works' one more time I think I will forever give up and wait for the day when xfinity has enough compitition that it might take it's customer services seriously.


Please help if you can, and forgive the exasperated tone of the question. Smiley Happy 


Re: Xfinity Multiple Routers Installed Causing Major Connectivity Issues

Let me get this straight,  you are using two Comcast gateways, one in your home, and one in your new office space? 

Sounds like you might want to install a  MoCA filter on the line to your new office space. Or better yet, since you apparently have a cable line to the office space, you might want to consider a MoCA adapter rather than a separate Comcast gateway to extend your home network. 

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